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Reggae Soulful Star Etana Makes Billboard History with "REGGAE FOREVER" Album

Kingston, Jamaica (MPR Consulting) - On the heels of a memorable and successful tour on twice Grammy nominated artist JBoog's "L.O.E" (Love Over Everything) 2018 Tour, international reggae star Etana released her highly anticipated "REGGAE FOREVER" album to rave reviews from the music industry and fans alike. Deemed to become a classic, the soulful songstress has now made history as the first female to top reggae chart with back-to-back albums. Topping Billboard Reggae Char at #1, the 14 tracks musical gift has become an instant success and fans from all over the worlds have clamored the songstress with praises and sales. From Kenya to St.Lucia, Canada to Japan, Etana's dedicated fans have shared throughout social media their favorite songs and translated their love through supporting and carrying on the message of "REGGAE FOREVER". Speaking of her dubious achievement, the strong one stated "I met a lot of people who said they never heard of me before but they are now my fans. I also saw a lot of people I've seen before at other shows years ago and some following the tour along to four and five shows. People walk up to me and say how far they have flown from or driven sometimes more than five hours to see me. Its sometimes overwhelming to hear the stories and see the love that so many people have for the music and for me as an artist and I just want to say thank you for all your love and I love you even more."

With no expectations, the humble Etana further added "Thank you for listening, streaming and for purchasing the album. Thank you for coming to the shows and thank you for making me number one again on another album and for two weeks in a row. You're amazing!!! Thanks to everyone who worked on this album in and out the studio I appreciate all of your efforts, hard work, and passion." -

"REGGAE FOREVER" is now available on iTunes, Amazon and GooglePlay at

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