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Pritti Shu Ready to Dominate 2018

Fast-rising dancehall artiste Pritti Shu is upbeat about his upcoming promotional Europe tour with Macka B international sound, Pritti Shu is set to tour Germany Switzerland and hopefully U.K for six weeks from July 31, 2018, to August 29, 2018.

Pritti Shu is looking forward on building his fan base this side of the world “I am focusing on getting my music across the world and going on this tour is an extra milestone earned for me” said Pritti Shu.

Pritti Shu is currently promoting his new single titled “In The Mood” produced by Bullish Entertainment based in Brooklyn, New York. The single was released March 2018, and distributed by Bullish Entertainment and is available on Amazon, iTunes, and Tune core. The single has been receptive by the majority and is gaining momentum favorably by social media and parties. In its first week, it garners over 25,000 views on Facebook only.

“I’ve been getting some really good feedback on this song, everybody has been telling me that they love the song and it has been getting crazy love,” said Pritti Shu.

Pritti Shu is one of the fiercest voices to have emerged in dancehall music in a long while.

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