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Saints of Fashion re-affirms diversity on International Runways

The Island of Jamaica boasts its tropical beaches, reggae music, international athlete Usain Bolt and Bob Marley. In February 2018, eight Jamaican Couture male and female models created fashion history on the catwalks of European designers Burberry, Gucci and Balenciaga for their fall 2018 collections.

Saint International Model Agency is located in Kingston-Jamaica, they have been in the fashion industry for over 18 years, its founder Deiwght Peters is proud of their winning-formula, professionalism and the hard work of his team. They continue to lead the way in discovering homegrown talented models from across the Caribbean and are changing the fashion landscape worldwide.

You can’t have missed these 8 Jamaican stars at Balenciaga – (Feb 2018)

Many of Saints models began their careers from humble beginnings some did not dream of becoming an International Top model. The search for these diverse faces culminate from talent shows, fashion competitions and even one male model was found working as a coconut vendor. Saint International stylishly breaks through barriers and sets the gateway to local and international modeling with epic results.

It should be mentioned that Naomi Campbell who is of Jamaican decent was the first black model to be featured on the cover of French Vogue at the age of 18. We can now see Tami Williams in American Vogue representing young and energetic new talent, this milestone paves the step change to define an explosion of Caribbean models on the International runways in a very competitive marketplace. These ambassadors of Brand Jamaica are assets for cultural tourism on the Island, as they represent Jamaica globally and provide a platform for up and coming emerging talent, designers and fashion agents from Paris, Milan, New York and London.

Deiwght Peters announced this year’s Style Week Jamaica, May 16-20 will be the world’s Iriest Fashion Week!

We’re all set for Style Week Jamaica, as it promises to be glamours, trendy, mind blowing and sensational. The city of Kingston will see the arrival of supermodels, fashion moguls and talent scouts all set to deliver & execute 4 breath-taking days of awesomeness.

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