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Bob Marley Statue Set to be Unveiled in Liverpool, England

Bob Marley Statute, London
Bob Marley Statute

On September 9, a bronze statue of Bob Marley, the late King of Reggae, will be unveiled in Liverpool, England.

Positive Vibration Festival, announced that a 7-foot tall statue of cultural icon Bob Marley has been commissioned and that the artwork will be sculptured Andy Edwards, a sculptor best renowned in Liverpool for his outstanding Beatles statue on the Waterfront.

Following the success of Andy Edwards' Beatles and Mohammed Ali statues, the Positive Vibration Festival approached Andy through Castle Fine Arts Foundry and collaborated to make the idea a reality.

The Bob Marley statue will undoubtedly become one of Liverpool's most iconic public artworks, following in the footsteps of other city landmarks such as the Beatles statue, the Superlambanana, and the Liver Wings.

The statue will be placed on a plinth supplied by Baltic Creative on Jamaica Street, opposite the Jurgen Klopp mural.


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