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Dancehall Producer, NotNice Claims That 'Trap Dancehall' Is Not Authentically Jamaican


NotNice, born Ainsley Morris, states that the new ‘trap dancehall’ or ‘traphall’ genre sweeping local music streaming platforms is "not truly Jamaican." He made the statement during a recent interview on the entertainment program Onstage, with Winford Williams.

Ironically, NotNice is as one of the producers responsible for the subgenre's popularity on the island, However, he informed Winford Williams that Trap Dancehall should be renamed because it isn't genuinely dancehall.

NotNice said, “It is a genre, the people love it, I can’t say it is not a genre, but not to be mixed with dancehall, and keep it separated because it is not dancehall.”

He continued by saying, “It is not ours; a lot of the rhythms are built by some international persons and the kids who sell them online.”

The beats are then leased to the musicians for them to sing on, according to NotNice, who also stated that Jamaican singers add their own flare to the rhythms, implying that some level of ownership is involved.

“These beats are leased online for $50-$100USD and are non-exclusive, meaning one artiste can voice on it and another can go and lease the same beat and voice on it as well.”

Williams then questioned the producer about the publication and ownership of the songs on the rented beats, to which he said that he had never leased any of the beats and so couldn't tell him.

“You are putting money in some kid’s pocket out in some far corner of the world, but it’s really not authentically Jamaican,” the former ‘Gaza’ producer explained.
“Some of it is made by local producers and I am not exempting myself cause mi actually mek some beats like that to cause if a it the kids a groove to then yea, we a go put out things like that too, and mi nah go mek it seem like a dat everybody a do, guh lease beat,” he admitted. “It nuh tek me nuttin fi guh in the studio and create something like that”.

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