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Gospel Artiste Autonomy Releases “Unbreakable Natives” EP

Gospel Artiste Autonomy Releases “Unbreakable Natives” EP
Gospel Artiste Autonomy

Gospel artiste Autonomy has just released his brand new EP titled “Unbreakable Natives.” Produced by Teamworks Production, the EP was released on June 7.

“This EP is about love, unity and finding our way back to our true creator by keeping His law and command. It’s about people who are unbreakable, they may be poor but they're still happy, sad but still find a way to smile, they're enslaved but still find a way to live freel. What makes them unbreakable is that they are chosen from the foundation of the Earth, by the Creator of the universe,” the artiste explained.

Containing 6 tracks in all, titles include “Mama Africa”, “Nothing Like Paradise”, “No Time Soon”, “Feed All The Poor”, “Poetic Justice” and “Sunny Side.”

“The overall vibe and feel of the EP is to get my people to wake up and to be aware of the matrix taking place around them and moreover to learn about who they are, where they come from and what our purpose here is,” he elaborated.

Completed in a little under a year, the artiste created the EP as a symbol of hope for those who may need it most.

“My hope for this EP is that it will wake up my people who possess so much strength and power but are so lost because they don't know who they are,” he expressed.

With music described as unique, informative, motivating and uplifting, Autonomy has been doing music professionally for about 24 years, having started out as a member of a group called New Generation. While he has released past projects, this is his first official project.

“I want all my people who long to hear really uplifting and redemption songs to go out there and get this EP. It is truly an eye opener and one that will restore your soul for the small price you will pay,” he stated. Expect more music from the artiste in the coming months, as he continues to work on his music and craft.

The Unbreakable Natives EP can be found online and is available for purchase and streaming.


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