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Jamaica's Entertainment Minister Happy with the Showcasing of the Island in New James Bond Film

Olivia Grange, Jamaica's Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport, says she is pleased with how Jamaica was portrayed in the latest "No Time To Die", film.

In a statement, Grange said the film “has really promoted destination Jamaica, location Jamaica, the culture of Jamaica — its warmth, its people, its vibes, its music, it’s just wonderful.”

“I’m so happy that the Bond film has now been released. I’m so happy because what it has done is showcase Jamaica in so many ways,” said Grange as she spoke following the recent screening of the movie.

The film, which was shot in Portland, and was scheduled to be released in April 2020 but was postponed owing to the covid-19 epidemic. It is currently playing in theaters worldwide.

The Minister stated that the government will continue to promote Jamaica as an ideal site for film production.

“I just want to encourage other filmmakers to continue to come to Jamaica. Make your films here. We have all that you need. We have the required skills and we have the beautiful locations.”

Lashana Lynch, the latest James Bond girl, is of Jamaican descent and Naomi Harris, another Jamaican actress, also appeared in the film.


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