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“Life Can Be So Simple,” says Mad Elaine

Mad Elaine

Recording artiste Mad Elaine is promoting her easygoing dubwise style track, “Life Can Be So Simple.” Recorded at Tuff Gong Studio with her Jamaican team Natural High, the self-produced track was created under the singer’s Jah Guidance label.

“This song stemmed from an experience I had after I came to Jamaica last year. I had a dream about a special blue water place in the country. When I reached the place, I started to feel a blue, soft and sweet energy running all over my body and I started to sing this song,” the artiste described.

Born in Venice, Italy as Carlotta Jovina Beeter, Mad Elaine’s passion for music started as a young child and she has since blossomed into a multifaceted singer, songwriter, producer, performer and journalist. Indulging in Reggae music for over 30 years, she started out as a background vocalist then became a singer, performing covers. She then started to write songs on Riddims of different producers and has now been producing her own since 2015.

“My style of music brings freedom through listening. It’s like a fresh wind that makes you feel lighter and connected; I am a passionate creator of bass lines,” she expressed.

Over the course of her career, Mad Elaine has had the privilege of working with some very notable reggae producers around the world in places like Peru, Chile, UK and of course, Jamaica. In the last four years she has been producing her own riddims, under her label.

“Life Can Be So Simple” is one of two recent releases being promoted, the other being “Mystic Call.” With these tracks, the singer is hoping to make a positive impact.

“My hope is to bring nice and good vibes for the people through my music, promote good health and uplift minds,” she expressed.

Her past releases include “Aabracadabra” (2009, produced by Ariwa Records), “Roots Man” (2015, produced by Jah Guidance), “Gift Of Creation (2019, produced by Ariwa Records) and “Oh Jah” (2022, produced by Jah Guidance).

Look out for more projects from Mad Elaine as she continues to work with talented acts around the world and hone her craft with her own growing catalog of music. 

“My goal right now is to keep the vibes going and get work done to reach my goals, such as the Grammys. There are many talents to work with and I’m continuing to establish myself as a singer and producer through my record label,” the singer stated.



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