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Mavado and Wife Monique McKenzie Sued by a Florida Bank

Mavado and Wife Monique Mckenzie
Mavado and Wife Monique Mckenzie

Mavado, real name David Constantine Brooks, and his wife Monique Tabby McKenzie are being sued by a Florida bank for repossession of their Range Rover.

Ally Bank claims in a Broward County Circuit Court complaint filed on August 9, 2021, that the Dancehall star and his wife (referred to as the Defendants) breached a contract and “failed to relinquish possession” of the Rover.

According to court documents, the couple purchased a White 2014 Range Rover, valued at $41,400, under a Retail Installment Contract “on or about July 28, 2018.” The Defendants were “required to make monthly payments each in the amount of $949.17” under the terms of the Contract.

The bank also claims that the Defendants are "illegally detaining and possessing the Vehicle."

According to the court documents, they are seeking between $30,001 and $50,000.

Mavado and Mckenzie were both served with summonses on August 17, 2021, giving them 20 calendar days (after being served) to file a written response to the lawsuit.

Furthermore, they were ordered on August 19 to appear in court via Zoom on November 4, 2021. They will appear before Judge Sandra Perlman and will be required to show cause why the Range Rover "should not be taken from their possession and delivered" to the Bank.

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