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Recording Artist Leo Carmichael Aims to Send a Musical Jolt to Your Senses

MPR Consulting - We all are familiar with a jumping cable, for those of you who may not, in a nutshell, it's a pair of electric cables used to jump start a vehicle. And it's in keeping with that sentiment, that Leo Carmichael aims to send a musical jolt to your senses with "Jumper Cable"!

"Good vibes, Feel good Dancehall Soca music" declares Leo of his sizzling single. The track is exactly as it sounds, it's a tale of a passionate encounter and relationship that caught fire whilst giving a crush a jump start. The latter sparking an intense, electric, extremely sensual relationship. "The play on cars as a metaphor for what we had. It's my secret code to her." he further added

Released earlier this year, "Jumper Cable" is one of two Dancehall Soca track, and gives a teaser of Leo's upcoming album which will reflect the vocalist, producer, musician and songwriter's eclectic and vast style and flavor. Speaking on the inspiration for his song, the multi-faceted crooner tapped into his life story. "Dancehall, Soca, and a very popular secret girl from my past. I also wanted to create a feel good song that brought everybody together like how Rupee's "Tempted to Touch" and Kevin Little's "Turn Me On" did. Jumper Cable with Leo Carmichael feels that way."!

The Edna Manley College alum who has honed his craft by touring worldwide, and performed on Jamaica's north coast resorts and cruise lines as a performer of Billboard Top 40s, has been busy releasing a growing discography, including the well received 2018 debut album "Love".

Check out Leo Carmichael and Specktrum Band performing "Jumper Cable" live as part of The LOVE & LIGHT performance series HERE

"She call me last time say

Her engine need a start up

Ask fi me Jumper Cable

So me take a short cut"

Produced and written by Leo Carmichael, "Jumper Cable" is available on all major streaming platforms and digital outlets.


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