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Spice's Emancipated Album Makes Its Billboard Reggae Chart Debut.


Spice, the Grammy-nominated dancehall queen, recently released her highly anticipated album, Emancipated, which was released independently via Stealth Music/Spice Official ENT on August 26.

Emancipated, earned Spice her fourth entry on the streaming and sales driven Billboard Reggae Albums chart.

The album debuts at No. 7 on the Billboard Reggae Chart, with the equivalent of 1500 total units sold in the United States during its first week of release.


This new album follows her 2021 album 10, her debut studio album, which was released on her birthday by VP records. Spice received a Grammy nomination for Best Reggae Album for the album.

In an exclusive interview with JussBuss TV, Spice stated that the two albums, Emancipated and 10 are somewhat different, with Emancipated representing more of her brand authentic Jamaican dancehall. 10 had several features where she appears to have toned down her content, Spice is “as raw as ever” on Emancipated.

The dancehall album contains nine songs, two of which, "Clap" and "Tape Measure," already have music videos.


01. Clap Clap 02. Tape Measure 03. Crop Top 04. Same Mouth 05. Pop Off 06. Bake A Man 07. Big Big 08. Nuff Man Name 09. Mi Hate Him


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