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Sting and Shaggy Unite for "One Fine Day" Festival

Prepare to be captivated by the enchanting sounds of Shaggy and Sting, as they announce their much-anticipated joint venture, the "One Fine Day" festival. This incredible musical extravaganza promises to be a day of unforgettable performances and shared moments of musical brilliance. With an impressive lineup featuring Thundercat, Koffee, Tank and the Bangas, Flor de Toloache, Giordana Angi, Kes, and G. Love and Special Sauce, this festival is set to rock Philadelphia to its core. Presented in collaboration with the esteemed Cherrytree Music Company and Live Nation, "One Fine Day" will take place on September 9th, 2023, at The Mann Center in Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, PA.

Sting and Shaggy Unite for "One Fine Day" Festival

A Musical Celebration:

Shaggy and Sting have come together to curate an extraordinary day filled with music, camaraderie, and unity. Fans can expect an extraordinary joint set where these two legendary artists will combine their greatest hits, creating an unparalleled experience for their audience. The chemistry and camaraderie between Shaggy and Sting are sure to ignite the stage, delivering an unforgettable performance that will have the crowd on their feet and singing along.

In addition to the dynamic duo's joint set, the festival boasts an incredible lineup of talented artists who will grace two stages at The Mann Center. Thundercat, known for his genre-bending style, will bring his unique fusion of jazz, funk, and soul to the stage. Jamaican reggae sensation Koffee will showcase her infectious energy and powerful lyrics, while Tank and the Bangas will bring their signature blend of funk, soul, and spoken word to mesmerize the audience.

Adding to the diversity of the festival, Flor de Toloache, the all-female mariachi group, will showcase their incredible talent and rich cultural heritage. Italian singer-songwriter Giordana Angi will enchant the audience with her soulful and captivating voice, while Kes, with their vibrant soca sounds, will bring a taste of the Caribbean to the festival. And let's not forget G. Love and Special Sauce, who will infuse their unique blend of blues, rock, and hip-hop into the mix, creating an irresistible musical fusion.

An Iconic Venue and Ticket Information:

The Mann Center, nestled in the heart of Fairmount Park, serves as the perfect setting for this momentous occasion. With its picturesque surroundings and state-of-the-art facilities, the venue will provide an unforgettable backdrop for the One Fine Day festival. Music lovers will have the opportunity to revel in the music while immersing themselves in the beauty of Philadelphia's natural landscape.

Tickets for the One Fine Day festival will go on sale to the general public on May 19th, exclusively through Ticketmaster. Given the star-studded lineup and the immense popularity of both Shaggy and Sting, it is expected that tickets will sell out quickly. Fans are urged to secure their spots early to ensure they don't miss out on this extraordinary celebration of music and camaraderie.

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