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Interview with Dominican Gospel Singer Canta Krystal

“The whole purpose is not to mix in, or blend in, the whole idea is to revolutionize and expand.” Canta Krystal

Wauw...... Profound!

Being of Dutch and Spanish Caribbean decent, one of my biggest challenges was to be able to “FIT IN”. The Caribbean Entertainment industry is ruled by an IRON FIST by the one island that comes to peoples from around the world as it pertains to matters of Caribbean ANYTHING – Jam-a-ica, Jamaica. Secondly, would definitely be the self-proclaimed land of ‘OIL AND MUSIC’, however, world and Caribbean proclaimed home base of the BEST Caribbean Carnival (HANDS DOWN), Trinidad & Tobago. Ayati, [HAITI] in popular opinion would most likely come in THIRD place, giving us the widely popular and the smooth sounds of KOMPAmusic and to round out what I believe to be the TOP TEN most popular islands, T&T’s fellow SOCA and CALYPSO islands, Barbados, Grenada, St. Lucia and proprietors of oh, so sweet and melodic sounds of ZOUK and French sister islands to [Haiti], Dominica and of course, our U.S.V.I’s UNITED STATES VIRGIN ISLANDS.

It’s very seldom that the Spanish islands of PUERTO RICO, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC AND CUBA get recognized (or) included as part of the Caribbean. It is an even more rare that the DUTCH “ABC” & “SSS” islands (which are ARUBA, BONAIRE, CURACAO/SABA, STATIA AND ST.MAARTEN) would be in a category of being “WEST INDIAN”. I would feel so aloof and get ‘lost in the sauce’ –ESPECAILLY, when I was working event production w/ 93.5 FM IRIE JAM RADIO I fast pace conversations spoken in Jamaican patois [having to do one of those faint giggles (DON’T FRONT! You know you have done it before! When EVERYONE else in the room is laughing at something that COMPLETELY went over your head!). The feeling to ‘belong’, however, is indeed a disguise for us to be comfortable, complacent and feeds our fear of the UNKNOWN and paralyzes our ‘Leaps of Faith’. Unfortunately, those are only distractions of the unfathomable greatness that we are able to achieve, if we would just act on it, and believe.

Valuable, innovative and revolutionary in her own right; Canta Krystal, Dominican gospel- child prodigy turned multi- faceted "secular" artist, Canta Krystal, responsible for the introductory quote, but, also putting "sabor nuevo" in the mainstream music industry, REPPIN for us LATINA CAREER revolutionaries everywhere. Raised by busy, but supportive, single mother, who noted her daughter's talent from the young age of 9 (along with constant reminding and at times boastful bragging from HER NEÑA tambìen) who insisted that she needs to be doing EXACTLY what her role models J.LO and BEYONCE were doing!

Out of the mouths of babes, indeed!

Mama Canta" immediately got young KRYSTAL involved with their church's youth ministering activities such as, the choir. Here, she effortlessly sang soprano, due to her mimicking MARIAH CAREY songs, note- for-note. Her outstanding performance landed her an invitation to participate in her industry debut on Janice Kapp Perrys’ “Me Encanta Ver El Templo” (I love to see the Temple) in the midst of singing, she also performed with major TELEMUNO live televised events through another art she hold dear to her heart and does well, dance, for the biggest Latin music artist such as Fulanito and “SUAVEMENTE” singer, Elvis Crespo, just to name a few. That only ignited and fed Krystal’s hunger to make it BIG. She was on the hunt for producers to work with. Some, due to her undeniable exotic ‘drag you in’ look, and evolving talent to match, topped with her JEFE [BOSS] self-managed demeanour, where as she puts it a waste of time. However, it’s a catch twenty-two because of those very same reasons, she landed work with the BEST OF THE BEST, as it goes for producers in the LATIN INDUSTRY such as NITIDO EN EL NINTENDO and A & X, signed artist, co-singer of/with DON OMAR and producer of famed hit ‘DANZA KUDURO’ – Theme song to FAST AND THE FURIOUS, that still to this day has EVERYONE, of all races, going LOCA in the club.

Outside of singing and the Latin market, Canta Krystal has proved that she is on a train to NON-STOP ultimate success. She graced her model-esque presence in a recent cameo in NEW YORK RAPPERS Lloyd Banks and Troy Ave ‘YOUR STYLE’ as she described her experience as ‘GREAT!’ she makes it very clear that THE MUSIC, will always come first! And she makes it CRYSTAL CLEAR with her hit ‘YO SE’.



CK: Why Yo Se, Because "I KNOW" That is the meaning of "YO SE" I guess that goes back in relating to men because a lot of these songs now and days are all about what men have. The big house, nice car, flashy chains ext. As women, don't we all know this already? In the song I’m letting the man shine because as his right hand, I want him to, so I'm saying I know Papi! I get more into detail on the second verse when I explain how I have it too. So it’s kind of like ’yeah… whatever’. Don’t think you’re the only one

Now, TU SABES, Krystal is a TRUE New Yorker and you can #jumpinthecab and catch this CHICA hanging out at trendy WASHINGTON HEIGHTS lounge ‘MIA’ filled with great food, amazing hookah and an unique drink menu or the CLASSIC and LEGENDARY CASA DE MOFONGO. When I asked this Latina SPIT-FIRE about her love life, she candidly replied

“Love life? What’s that? With work alone, I feel like there is never time. Then you involve Family and maybe one close friend and there’s no time ever if you are really dedicated. But on a more real, not like if I actually try I find myself always dating someone involved with the music. It tends to be the only thing I let myself be around anyway time wise. And, then it doesn't work out because of all the extra things that get involved in a MAN’S world with music. Groupies, Money, Power… men don't like a woman to be "MORE POWERFUL" than them in the music, Or anything for that fact. I guess egos kick in, pero, honestly, I could care less.

What a DIVA, Well said. I love talking to Krystal even further as we get into more questions about our related Spanish Caribbean culture of DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, so let’s get back to the food to the two things that MAKE the DR; THE FOOD AND THE WOMEN!


CK: The one thing a Dominican Woman cannot live without is her plate called "los 3 Golpe" which contains Platano, Queso, Y Salami. (Plantains, Fried cheese, and Salami)


CK: I think every Dominican Women just likes to always look sexy and have fun. What man doesn't want to be with a woman who strives to look sexy every day and smile? Just enjoy life.


CK: The CANTA KRYSTAL BRAND is very simple. Canta means sing in Spanish. Everywhere I go People ask me to sing. Canta Krystal. My name is Krystal, but now you know which one you’re talking about. The one that sings.

You better saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannggg, Krystal!

By: SharLisa Peterson

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