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Halloween Makeup Ideas - DIVA Look

How-to: DIVA Look


If you're not a DIVA on a regular basis, test out your skills on Halloween Elfette! The e.l.f. DIVA Beauty Book is the perfect kit to get the look with and use later on too! From shadows to lips, we've got you covered.

diva makeup.JPG

STEP 1: Using the Eye Shadow "C" Brush, Pat on the golden shade from the "Diva Book." Wet the brush hair lightly to apply maximum color.

STEP 2: Begin to build up your crease and edge color by applying a pink shade from the "Diva book," with an Angled Contour Brush. Apply the color lightly to start and build up as needed to achieve a dramatic look.

STEP 3: Don't be afraid to layer! Layering unexpected colors can totally make your look unique and what DIVA doesn't experiment? Apply the blue shade from the "Diva book" to the edges of your lid, using the e.l.f. Essential Defining Eye Brush. This brush helps to apply color in small areas, so it's great for the edges.

STEP 4: Liner makes this eye truly pop! Apply the black, pencil liner from the book to the upper and lower lids.

STEP 5: Apply a bit of color to the cheeks using any of the pink shades in the book. I love the e.l.f. studio Blush Brush for this! It adds just the right amount of color where it's needed.

STEP 6: Gloss up! Get those lips shiny and beautiful with the gloss from the book, or an e.l.f. Studio Glossy Gloss in Funky Fuschia.

By: Sonia – ELF Cosmetics


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