Bahamian Haute Couture Jewelry-Handbag Designer Gabriella Wimmer and her "Royal Collection"

Bahamian GABRIELLA WIMMER is the only haute couture Jewelry-Handbag designer in the Caribbean designing at the highest levels, designing under her namesake brand GABRIELLA | WIMMER

She creates one-of-a-kind haute couture Jewelry-Handbags and she has pioneered an opulent technique known as Diamond Skin TM.

Diamond skin.JPG

“Diamond Skin is the art of combining a woman’s two inseparable loves – an attempt to extract a flash of light from the power of these diamonds with the sensual and captivating exotic leathers from animals that are so admired and yet feared,” states Gabriella Wimmer, owner and founder.

Her opulent pieces are perfect for the truly elite woman who appreciates distinction, especially with royal titles such as: ‘The Duchess’, a soft , sleek clutch of exotic skin and diamonds crown with the signature "W" design; 'The Marquise’, a day to night clutch in small and medium sizes with removable chains,diamond-studded metalwork and hand-painted enamel closure; 'The Contessa’, a striking diagonal clutch with dridding details; and 'The Imperial Garden', a seductive round clutch which pasy homage to Mark Antony and Cleopatra.


A stunning example of Diamond SkinTM, the Shooting Stars Duchess is an resplendent example of exotic leather with cascading, individually hand-placed diamonds.

An intrinsic and entrancing marriage of master jewelers and leather craftsmen, this exquisite piece calls to mind a night sky full of shooting stars.

Shooting stars Duchess.JPG


‘The Duchess’, a soft , sleek clutch of exotic skin and diamonds crown with the signature "W" design and a refined slim design that is sumptuous for day or night.

The Royal Duches.JPG


The coterie of master silversmiths, leather craftsmen and jewelers transcend precious metal, diamonds and luscious exotic leather into our elegant and sophisticated sculpted Jewelry-Handbag.

Large enough to hold documents and personal items, you will feel empowered and glamorous.

The chain and leather strap allows this mixed metal and leather

Marques large.JPG


The easily recognizable design of hand-turned and hand-cut precious metal, sumptuous exotic leather and brilliant diamonds.

Small enough to grasp in your hand or wear with the detachable chain on your shoulder, this feminine refined clutch holds the essentials and compliments your cultivated tastes.

The Marques small.JPG


The Contessa Clutch has a distinctive edgy and modern design that is angular from all views. Our coterie of master silversmiths and leather artisans transcend precious metal and luscious exotic leather into our glamorous and individualistic Contessa Clutch.

The small handheld Contessa Clutch holds the absolute essentials for a perfect evening - some cards, a key, some cash, and a lipstick – and compliments your cultivated tastes.



A seductive round clutch which pasy homage to Mark Antony and Cleopatra.

The delicately hand-painted glossy leaves are set with white diamonds like a touch of soft morning drizzle that glistens and makes sure this understated feminine clutch cannot go unnoticed.

Each Jewelry-Handbag is completely and lovingly handcrafted by Master Artisans entirely in Italy, using only the most pristine exotic leathers, brilliant diamonds, and precise hand-turned metals.

As an Haute Couture Jewelry-Handbag designer, Gabriella travels to her clients directly. As well, some of her Jewelry-Handbags are available for ordering on her website or at select private sales events. The retail prices range between $3,000 to $24,000 depending on silhouette and materials selected.


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Gabriella Wimmer specializes in handcrafted and made-to-order couture handbags. Created in 2010 by designer Gabriella Wimmer, the brand offers timeless accessories to be treasured from generation to generation. Each Gabriella Wimmer masterpiece is available to be personalized in a variety of unique exotic skins, metal finishings and precious gemstones – including the brand’s signature Diamond SkinTM.

To see learn more about GABRIELLA | WIMMER collection visit her website