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New Music Video Release - St Lucian Songstress Chrycee, Goes BAD!

The latest video by St Lucian recording artiste and songwriter Chrycee is a definite statement maker and shows just what happens when a good girl turns extremely bad.

The R&B single "Bad Girls Anthem" is a battle-cry for broken-hearted lovers the world over. Filmed at different locations in Saint Lucia by All Biz, and directed by Guillaume Rico, the video features a side of the flame-red-haired artiste that audiences have yet to see. Scenes featuring candle wax and chains are just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s just say all ‘good girls’ who think of going bad will be singing this anthem!

Chrycee, who has also recently released a video for her last song “Heavenly”, explained the inspiration behind the contrasting “Bad Girls Anthem.”

“I was sitting around with a group of friends and of course we got around to talking about relationships and the way it seems like good girls, you know, sweet girls like us, always seem to get our hearts broken or get hurt,” she said. “I joked that we should start to be ‘bad’ girls and we needed an anthem. It was really in jest but then when I got home I couldn’t get the idea out of my head and I started to put together the lyrics which flowed out of me because I was coming out of some relationship issues of my own.”

Chrycee explained that she tapped into that dark side and drew on the emotions to write the song “Bad Girls Anthem” which was previously released and produced by Rawl Alcide of Deja Vu Digital.

After receiving approval for a Grant from the Ministry of the Creative Industries, (St Lucia) Chrycee got to work on the video with All Biz.

“At first I wanted to do something that was still quite tame but the production guys heard the song and they really wanted the video to reflect that darker side. So here I am in boots, a short cat suit, holding a whip and getting revenge for good girls everywhere,” Chrycee smiled naughtily. “I had so much fun acting like a totally different person, like a dominatrix, and the male models in the video were such good sports that they challenged me to go all out.”

Chrycee added that the video is “pure imagination, it’s extreme” and “it’s in no way real life.”

“I am by no means telling people to torture or encourage it,” she offered.

The artiste explains that she hopes when women and men listen to the lyrics and watch the video they understand that the song is about self-preservation.

“Sometimes when we are in relationships we lose our sense of self and we sacrifice so much. A healthy relationship should not take away what makes you who you are. You have to protect that. So if things do fall apart you still have your identity.”

So, does Chrycee consider herself a good or bad girl?

She laughs: “Definitely a healthy balance of both!”

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