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Is Chronixx The Appointed King Of The Reggae?

Reggae history opened its books at the Hendrickson Auditorium on the grounds of the Jamaica College campus in Kingston, Jamaica, when Chronixx delivered the third leg of his Captureland Tour on Saturday night. The 22 year old powerhouse graced the sold out crowd with a memorable 180 minute live performance, with cameos from Jesse Royal, Kelisa, Keznamdi, Kabaka Pyramid, and his father, Old School Dj Chronicle. Delivering a flawless live set, Chronixx firmly established himself as the New King of the Dancehall, delving into an extensive catalog, thronged by dub inspired remixes and cover medleys. From Roots inspired Rockers, Dub driven solos, Dancehall emission collabs, Chronixx trodded across the expansive soundscape of Reggae's genealogy in a nearby three hour live set. The audience was filled with a wide cross section of Jamaicans, in some cases entire family clusters, young and old, who thoroughly enjoyed the coronation of Dancehall's new king. For many of his elder fans, this is the first concert in recent memory, (since Bob Marley's "One Love" peace concert for some), have they felt such an energy, and from such a young Reggae artist. Some compared him to the late great Hugh Mundel, others firmly crowned him, "the real king of the dancehall", as the world embraced the new poster child of homegrown Reggae music. The event was streamed live from his website, and broadcasted by the Caribbean based cable network, Flow, into five other regional territories. The four date tour traversed Jamaica, kicking off on March 11th in Negril, before heading on to St. Elizabeth last Friday, and Kingston tonight before wrapping up in Portland tomorrow, Sunday the 15th of March. Chronixx, an alumni member of Billy Mystic's Jamnesia music incubator, follows closely behind Dub Rockers Dubtonic Band, whose pioneering Neo-Reggae wave was further catalysed by the release of Nomaddz live album, "The Trod", in 2010. Since then Protoje, Jah 9, Raging Fyah, and Chronixx have broken new ground within the Neo-Reggae genre, but Chronixx's live exhibition at Jamaica College has surely raised the bar, and set the standard for all that is to come in this new and exciting transition, currently taking place on Reggae's ever changing frontier.

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