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Sexual Healings: 5 Devices to Spice Up Your Sexual Experience

As the New Year begins to make its way over the horizon, millions of people will take to social media making declarations of what they plan to improve in 2016. Health and fitness improvements may be at the top of many lists, but ladies I suggest we as women also aim to enhance our sexual experience.

For years, women have struggled through less than pleasurable sex with little to no understanding of why making love isn’t as satisfying as they hoped. Approximately “53 million women in the United States have one or more sexual concerns,” according according to a sexual health study from the journal “Obstetrics & Gynecology, the average woman isn’t alone in her feelings of disappointment within the bedroom.

The most commonly discussed topic in sexuality is the elusiveness of the almighty female orgasm— a sensation that is far less understood than many of us would like to admit. A common suggestion to heat things up in the bedroom is introducing sex toys during foreplay. Here are four must-have helpers to get the New Year started off right and help make sex more pleasurable for everyone involved.

Hands Free

The answer to women’s ability to orgasm with a partner lies within her foreplay experience, you know that time before intercourse when her body gets warmed up and her vagina is lubricated for penetration. Enter Fiera, a new hands-free, wearable bedroom assistant created by sexual wellness and intimate care company Nuelle. This wearable device utilizes a light suction to attach to the clitoral area and deliver pulsations intended for simultaneously arousing the mind and body. But it’s no replacement for a vibrator, according to Nuelle’s Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Leah Millheiser, an obstetrician/gynecologist. “A recent scientific study in postmenopausal women showed that Fiera’s gentle suction and stimulation work together to encourage blood flow to the vulva leading to an enhanced experience of genital arousal (warmth, tingling, engorgement),” Dr. Millheiser explains. “While vibrators typically use a stronger level of vibration to provoke orgasm, Fiera uses a more subtle vibration coupled with suction to accelerate arousal.” To find out more about the research behind the Fiera, visit

Hidden Gem

The vagina is a sacred place of creation and energy exchange, and throughout life’s experiences with sexual intercourse and birth, the yoni (sacred word for vagina) can collect energy and become stretched. Using Yoni Eggs to strengthen the muscles of the vagina help to prevent vaginal and uterine prolapse as well as prevent incontinence later in life. Yoni Eggs are created from gemstones that possess healing and cleansing properties, which is great for cleansing the yoni of energies that have been collected from previous partners or negative sexual experiences. Using a Yoni Egg regularly can help restore balance to the vagina, revitalize moisture and even help with soothing menstrual cramps when used prior to one’s period. Learn more about Yoni Egg variations and purchase your own at

Magic Wand

If you have nothing else in your arsenal of bedroom assistants, a massage wand is one essential tool you should not skip. Featuring a soft, cushioned flex head with several speed and function options, a massage wand is great for easing tension in tight muscles during full body massage and for clitoral stimulation when used on the vulva. Massage wands plug directly into a standard outlets to give the user the maximum amount of power and are easy to clean and store. It is also a non-threatening and unisex bedroom assistant that couples can enjoy together or partners can use solo. You can get 50 percent off any massage wand on by using the code GLAM.

Shower Sex

In 2016, every couple (or single lady) should have a showerhead that also can be used for stimulation. For the woman that isn’t into vibes or dildos to reach an orgasmic release, the Klittrajet promises an orgasm on any mode setting. With a flickering center jet that flutters instead of “beats” like typical showerheads, any woman using this specially crafted showerhead will be pleased. It features an 8-foot-hose that allows the user to wrap and reach around with ease. The length of the hose also allows the tool to turn into a Jacuzzi jet using the Magic Lotus attachment under water for clitoral stimulation during a relaxing bath. The Klittrajet is set to launch in April 2016 but interested customers can join a mailing list for discounts and special offerings. Learn more about the Klittrajet on its official website

Get Your Glide On

Vaginal dryness can occur when foreplay is rushed through (or left out of the sexual experience completely), causing an uncomfortable experience for both partners. For the couple that may be taxed for time or perhaps isn’t the most knowledgeable about getting things flowing before-play, having a bottle of water-based lube is key for pleasure. There are several solutions on the market but my personal recommendation is Astroglide’s Natural formula. It’s free of parabens and glycerin and is formulated for all skin types. You can find Astroglide at your local drugstore or check out for more information on their various products.

About the Author

Glamazon Tyomi is a freelance writer, model and sex educator with a deeply rooted passion for spreading the message of sex positivity and encouraging the masses to embrace their sexuality. Her website,, reaches internationally as a source for advice and information for the sexually active/curious. Follow her on Twitter at @glamazontyomi.



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