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Brow 10: How To Get Smoother and Fuller Eyebrows

Step up your brow Game one tip at a time...


Smoother, fuller brows enhance your features. Brow Define & Fill Duo wax + powder pencil gives you naturally fuller, smoother brows that wow. Step 1 Define brow with wax pencil using fine hair-like strokes Step 2 Fill in brows with soft filling powder


The right brow shape frames your face. Brow Precise shaping pencil allows you to shape brows with flawless precision. Step 1 Shape brows with natural wax pencil Step 2 Groom with brush in upward and outward strokes


Brow sculpting transforms your look. Brow Drama sculpting mascara makes a bold brow easy. Step 1 Build brow by brushing from outer to inner corner Step 2 Finish by sculpting from inner to outer corner

Via - Maybelline


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