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Mr Easy Premiers ‘Bashment Gal’ Video & Invades Norfolk, Virginia

PRISM MARKETING CONSULTANTS || FEBRUARY 10, 2016 || An unmistakable voice, a smooth sound, and a dancehall classic in the form of "Drive Me Crazy" is what has made Mr Easy a staple in the annals of Jamaica's Music. The artiste who got his initial exposure in music at a time when Dancehall was in its formative years, takes it back to that original styling for his new timepiece project titled ‘Bashment Gal’.

Before artistes like Yellow Man, Michigan and Smiley and Barrington Levy were able to put the dancehall sound on records, Dancehall only existed in the physical space with major vocalists linked to various sound systems toasting on the B side of major Vinyl records. From the very first cord of this Ricky Blaze produced single Bashment Gal, a feeling of nostalgia, - for those who were around in the early 70's and 80's- takes over, while those too young to know are exposed to the origins of dancehall and what many will argue was the best period for the genre. Be that as it may, what is undeniable is that Bashment Gal is a catchy, well produced, feel good song that has all the ingredients to become another classic for Easy.

The Jay Will directed video for the single which was launched on January 30th on Winford Williams' Onstage is currently making its rounds on various television platforms and beautifully captures the energy of the song. The video takes us back into an iconic period in time for dancehall: the bright clothing, colored wigs and dancing that have all been highly celebrated and replicated by artistes of today.

Shot in Kingston Jamaica, the song depicts its title, a Bashment Gal, which is a sexy confident vibrant but at the same time classy woman, the best reference is Carlene Smith, Jamaica's first Dancehall Queen, crowned in 1992 . Making a cameo in the video is flamboyant DJ Tanto Blacks who showed off his acting skills. Now viewable on Youtube, the video and the single - now available on itunes- forms the backdrop of Mr Easy's new campaign in music, with his earliest platform being this Saturday February 13th at The MP Ultra Longe in Norfolk, Virginia for a party called "Red & White Valentines Affair" where Easy performs live.

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