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TIFA comes under fire from Slim Women with song ‘BIG BUMPA’

A very poignant statement at the beginning of the song...."Da one yah a big up all a di big bumper gal dem...mawga gyal mi tyad a unnu go one side" while a portion of Tifa fans have found their theme song, another cross section is up in arms about it.

The lyrics to the just released single on the Moscato Riddim is praising and empowering women with plump derrieres -whether real or fake- on a fun up-tempo beat that could easily fall into Soca juggling,

"Different songs are made praising different body types all the time, so me praising the shapely, thicker or ‘Big Bumper’ women should be no big deal!!. We live in a world where skinny and flat is praised on a large scale as healthy or beautiful, well, so are the shapely women!! Big up all a di big bumper GYAL dem!!!" - Tifa said in a statement to the media.

Despite Tifa's innocence, or maybe her stance in the name of self expressive art, some fans have taken to social media to express their distaste with what they believe is a discriminatory track. But as she mentioned....she wouldn't be the first, in 2006 Leftside and Esco released ‘Tuck in You Belly’ a direct jab at women with a little more weight around the waistline.

Despite the controversy surrounding ‘BIG BUMPA’ the ‘Back it Up’ singer is looking forward to a BIG year in music. Tifa is expected to release another single later this week titled ‘The Champ’ courtesy of ZJ Chrome and currently enjoys premium rotation on the airwaves with ‘Bout This Love’ along with the remix for ‘Belleh’ featuring Sanjay, Demarco and Shelly Belly. Adding to her growing accolades is a collective six nominations, two for IRIE JAM’s Online Awards in the categories of ‘Best Collaboration’ and ‘Video of the Year’ for her 2014 Dexta Daps duet ‘Jealous Ova’. The additional four comes courtesy of the upcoming Youth View Awards (YVAs) set for February 20th at the National Indoor Sports Center.

Amid a hectic schedule the dancehall diva is making final preparations for an assignment in Florida in the weeks ahead.

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