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Who is Rebecca Silvera?

You might have seen her on VH1’s new hit reality show, “She’s Got Game.” In case you’re wondering who this gorgeous girl with that charming accent is, just read ahead. Rebecca Silvera is a Jamaican born model, business woman, super mom, health & fitness buff who is passionate about her beliefs and will easily win you over with her positive island vibes and infectious smile. She first made her mark on her beautiful home island, when she reigned as the “Jamaica Tourism Queen” in 2009. She has since remained, Jamaica’s sweetheart… Okay, not quite! Winning this crown would mark the end of life for Rebecca as she knew it. Almost overnight, every island blog & social media outlet stayed abuzz with Rebecca’s every move, where she went, what she wore, who she was or wasn’t dating. Needless to say, they stayed on the lookout for everything “Rebecca Silvera” hoping for something juicy to report. They would quickly realize that love her or hate her, one thing was for sure, they could not get enough of the fiery island girl, who pranced across their stage like she owned it and captured their attention.

Following her win, the “Rebecca Frenzy” continued to grow for quite some time, and then as fate would have it, the exotic beauty received the exciting news that she was expecting a child. She then made the decision to step away from the public’s eye to enjoy her new life. The whole island could feel her absence; the headlines could have easily read “Has anyone seen Rebecca Silvera?”

Though things did not turn out the way she had hoped, Rebecca had finally found the first true love of her life, her son & biggest fan & her little aspiring photographer, LJ! You might find LJ on most of his mom’s sets, perfectly behaved and snapping away his own collection of pictures of his life-size doll of a mom. Clearly they are each other’s muse and it’s just the sweetest mother/son interaction, ever!

Rebecca currently resides in Miami, Florida where she balances her most important job as mommy along with being a model, business woman and entrepreneur. She is extremely talented, very driven and fiercely competitive, which she proudly credits to her upbringing, as she competed professionally in horseback riding.

She just recently wrapped her first supporting actress role in the Nollywood film, ‘A Trip To Jamaica”, due for release later this year.

Rebecca goal is to become an accredited Film and TV actress and is now attending acting school. She recently joined acclaimed PR & Management firm, Elliott PR out of New York City

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