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Plane carrying 81 people, including members of Brazilian soccer team, on board Crashes in Columbia

A plane carrying 72 passengers and nine crew members was involved in an accident near Rionegro, Colombia, according to the country's civil aviation department.

Officials didn't specify what happened to the plane but did say that the wounded were being transported to assistance centers.

The mayor of nearby Medellin said on Twitter that he is on his way to the accident site.

Satellite images show that scattered showers and thunderstorms have been present in the region over the last 12 hours -- though no big weather makers, according to CNN meteorologist Michael Guy.

There likely would have been turbulence in the region due to intermittent thunderstorms and winds from around the mountains in the region, Guy says.

A statement from nearby Jose Maria Cordova airport says the accident site can only be accessed by land because of weather conditions.

The aviation department's statement said that passengers belonged to a Brazilian soccer team called Chapecoense.

Chapecoense was due to play the Colombian club team Atletico Nacional in the South American cup Finals on Wednesday.


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