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Canada Rumble to Convene Talented Canadian Sound Systems for Epic Sound Clash

With Canada in the international sound clash spotlight, as a result of native sound King Turbo's amazing World Clash victory, it's no surprise that some of the country's brightest sound system prospects are amped to showcase their competitive DJ skills in Canada Rumble. Produced by Irish and Chin in conjunction with Canadian promoter Jill, Canada Rumble offers thriving Canadian sounds an opportunity to score the ultimate bragging rights, which includes but is not limited to, being Canada's national sound clash champion, a coveted slot on the international World Clash stage, international visibility and media attention.

On January 28, 2017, inside Toronto hot spot La Victoria, Step-a-Choice, Outcast, Soul Survival, Twin Star, Mystic Sound and King Attarney will enter the battlefield, aka Canada Rumble, ready for warrr! Music, speech and stage presence will culminate as the rising sounds engage in what could be the most important sound clash of their careers. The intensity of Canada Rumble in 2016, which catapulted King Turbo to victory, leaves sound clash fans anxious for this year's edition. Chances are that returning sounds Step-a-Choice and Outcast will go above and beyond expectations, given that it's their second and likely final opportunity to contend on the Canada Rumble stage.

"I am highly anticipating the staging of the 2017 Canada Rumble. In 2016, Canada shocked the world by producing the country's second World Clash champion in 14 years. Not only does this prove that the local Canadian sound clash arena is bursting with talent, it also solidifies the Rumble series as a starting point for sound teams to earn international visibility," says Garfield "Chin" Bourne of Irish and Chin.

"I am looking forward to seeing which Canadian sound will earn the right to face their fellow country men -- 'King Turbo' -- in a battle for the world championship."**

The social media frenzy erupted the moment the flyers dropped, followed by exchanges of words and other personalized videos...all the ingredients for a heated sound clash. Recognized by peers and fans as some of the country's most notable sound systems, Rumble contenders will bring the true elements of sound clash to life at the end of January. Charged with promoting and exposing such a vital aspect of Jamaican music and culture, sound clash, Irish and Chin look forward to the second edition of Canada Rumble.

The Rumble series was introduced by Irish and Chin to bring new stars into the sound clash industry. With a limited and seasoned pool of clashing sound systems, new faces are a must to sustain the vibrant culture. While the inaugural Japan Rumble was a hit in October, seeing the country's Fujiyama sound as the champion, other Rumble stagings are set for the U.S., U.K., the Caribbean and another country in Europe TBD. The winners of these preliminary Rumble clashes will face off at World Clash, hailed as the super bowl of sound clash. As the world's premier presenter of sound clashes, Irish and Chin will celebrate their 20th Anniversary in 2017.

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