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VIDEO PREMIERE: Hawaii Based Reggae Band The Lambsbread "World Peace Before 2021"

It was a serendipitous moment when world peace activist Jill Kollist met The Lambsbread at an outdoor reggae festival in Maui, Hawaii. Both Jill and the Hawaiian based roots and reggae band family embrace a philosophy and message of One Love. In a previous release to the media, Kaya stated "Earlier this year we were performing at an outdoor reggae festival in Maui called "Reggae on the Beach". After the performance we were approached by world peace activist Jill Kollist. She told us that she loved the music, the message and was amazed by the young talented keyboard player, and drummer. She explain that it had been her life work campaigning for World Peace, and wanted to set a goal of 2021 to see this dream realized. Finding out that the Lambsbread was a family band, she felt we would be perfect to record the song "World Peace Before 2021" to help manifest this goal, and that a reggae version of the song would best transmit the message across the world. Anything to help rid the earth of destruction and violence seemed like a good idea to me, so we wholeheartedly set to the task of producing a song for the project."

The consciously inspiring single seeks to bring awareness to the plight of World Peace, by uniting all under the guise that we are all one race.. The human race! "World Peace Before 2021" visual depiction translates unto the breathtaking scenery of Hawaii. Filmed on the Southside and Northshore of Maui, Hawaii, the video was directed by The Lambsbread family themselves, and features the diverse faces and people of the beautiful island.

"The video is intended to show that unity and diversity are not only possible but a reality in many places. The video also shows the contrast of what is going on in the cities and war zones on the earth. The visuals show the beauty of the earth we all share, and that the children are more important than fighting and conflict. Children everywhere want to be loved and cared for, and we need to work together to make the earth a safe place to live, free of war and destruction. " - Kaya The Lambsbread "World Peace Before 2021" has premiered Monday, January 21st on popular online reggae magazine "Reggaeville".

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