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Reggae Artist Jagwa is Set to Release "I Know" ft. Project Pat

Although each Deejay has a unique nature to delivering their music, artists will often enlist the help of a ghostwriter to finesse their words. Vernon Spencer, better known as JAGWA, was the man to call for a Reggae hit record. With so many ghostwritten songs under his belt, it was only a matter of time before he stepped out of the shadows and into the spotlight with his music.

After joining Bounty Killer and The Alliance Family, Jagwa gained a sense of direction towards crafting his sound. In 2016, Jagwa hit the world with an intellectual metaphor in the form of a song called "Chinese Food." Jagwa draws parallels from his music to that of the perceptions about American Chinese Food. Many assume that American Chinese food is similar to traditional Chinese food. Although the food served at an American Chinese take-out restaurant is called Chinese food, in actuality it is not culturally Chinese culinary. In much the same way, Jagwa's music is not necessary Reggae or much less Dance-Hall. Similar to Chinese food, people might assume because of Jagwa's background, that every song on his EP is Reggae music. In other words, he is from Jamaica; however, hip hop is what he's giving you.

After collaborating with such icons as Owen "IBEZ" Davidson of the powerhouse label Collegeboiz Productions, and becoming an underground legend throughout the Reggae community in Jamaica, the overwhelming support of his single "Chinese Food" came as no surprise. "Chinese Food" received over 1 million views during its first week on World Star Hip Hop. The remix featuring Style P saw similar success with over 1 million views on Youtube and Vevo in less than a month. With Jagwa's video continuing to gain tractions, some of Hip-Hop's heavy hitters has begun reaching out to the Kingston native.

Later this month, Jagwa will be releasing his new single titled "I know." The song feature Memphis-born Hip-hop artist Project Pat of Three 6 Mafia. The song digs into the shady nature of the music industry and fake friends. According to Jagwa's management team, "I Know" is expected to outpace the recent successful of his first single.

With an audience of over 2 million, Jagwa and his management team are beginning to line up show performances for Summer 2017. Most notably, Team Jagwa will be organizing a special performance for his hardcore fans slated tentatively in June.

In my opinion, Jagwa is Reggae's version of Hip-Hop's star J.Cole. Both artists have an uncanny proclivity for writing and delivering thought-provoking music. Jagwa is still building his name amongst mainstream America, but there is no doubt that his road to stardom is paved wide and long.


For updates and more info visit his website and sure to follow him on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook with the handle @jagwa876

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