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Cedella Marley talks about 'Could You Be Loved' with Savi and Bankey

Jamaican entertainer Cedella Marley chatted with Digital Journal

about her new "Could You Be Loved" collaboration with Savi and Bankey.

In "Could You Be Loved," she collaborated with Savi and Bankey. "My brother, Stephen Marley, and I produced an acoustic version of the song to bring awareness to the WHOA campaign- then Savi & Bankay’s mix brought another dimension to Could You Be Loved and helped to take that message into the EDM world," she said On her future plans, she revealed, "This summer, I will be releasing my new cookbook Cooking with Herb which is available now for pre-order, and I have a few other exciting projects in the works. Musically, I am blessed to be able to pursue projects that inspire me and speak to my creativity, so I am always open to what the future might bring."

For Cedella, her parents were major influences in her life. "As a daughter, naturally the lessons my father and mother taught me are a huge part of who I am today. Beyond that, Bob Marley the singer/musician/songwriter/performer is a big influence as well for me as an entertainer (the way he is for many fellow artists)," she said.

The proceeds benefit the W.H.O.A. (Women Helping Others Achieve). "Every girl deserves the right to develop their talents and pursue their dreams, and in a region where outdated ideas about the roles women should and should not occupy WHOA helps to level the playing field and provide an opportunity for them to do that," she said.

Her music is inspired by life in itself and what she sees in the world today. "My experiences as a woman, daughter, wife, and mother inspire all my creative expressions…not just my music but also my fashion designs and my cooking," she said.

She listed the late Prince as her dream male collaboration choice in music.

For her fans, she concluded, "Fans saw us (Ziggy Marley & the Melody Makers) perform it on tour and it’s on the concert DVD – so they know it’s a family favorite. I hope that they love this new version from me, Savi & Bankay, and remember that every time they download or stream 'Could You Be Loved' part of the proceeds are giving back to help others in the Caribbean."

"Could You Be Loved" is available on iTunes.

To learn more about Cedella Marley, check out her official Facebook page.



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