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Meet Supermodel Canada 2017 Winner, Nini Amerlise

Nini Amerlise is a hardworking and self-motivated professional who is extremely passionate about her craft as a model. She is a confident model with class and her humility is an inspiration to many. Her characteristics as a person is a testament that we are all created fearfully and wonderfully made by God.

Nini’s interest in modeling became evident as a young girl as she always enjoyed being photographed and dressing up in her mother's clothes. She was abused and bullied during her childhood until her late teen ages. These negative experiences caused a bit of a setback as her confidence and self-worth were extremely diminished. She later discovered that she was artistically gifted in many arts form such as singing, drawing, dancing, and modeling. Her healing process began soon after she realized modelling was definitely a God given talent and her true calling.

Being in front of the camera to her, is one of the enjoyable parts of this job. As a model you are the raw canvas that undergoes the transformation process to achieve the final creative vision. It is the model's job to ensure the concept of the vision is translated accurately.

Although Modeling is fun, it definitely doesn't come easy. Apart from being a dedicated hard worker, Nini is constantly learning new tips and skills required to mold her into a world class supermodel. With God on her side, she believes she is taking the right steps for her sacrifices as a model to pay off.

Every professional regardless of the industry is inspired by someone. Nini is inspired by many professionals in the modeling industry but the most notable names include; Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks. Both are amazing entrepreneurs who pushed the boundaries to become the powerful inspirational individuals they are today. Nini models her career after these amazing women and will not stop until her dreams were achieved.

To date, this unique beauty who is of Afro, Jamaican – Chinese descent, has been blessed with the opportunity to walk in over 60 fashion shows; multiple print shoots, campaigns, magazines and TV work. She was awarded Top Model at the Miss international city pageant in 2015, and recently awarded rising star Canadian model of the year 2016. In 2017 Nini competed and won Supermodel Canada.

Since beginning her career in mid 2014, Nini has worked with many reputable platforms including New York fashion week, Toronto fashion week, African fashion week Toronto, Global TV fashion segment for Ocean Avenue, CBC's The Dragons Den, Kaela kay's editorial campaign featured in British Vogue and The Golden button fashion series, currently aired on Afroglobal TV.

“A piece of advice I can share with aspiring models or entrepreneurs is If you strongly believe that you found a field or career that suits you, I would advise you to remain task focused and passionate about what you do. Each day will come with its own challenges, but as long as you remember your purpose and why you began in the first place, you will do excellent! “


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