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Kurt Legacy Relaunches/New Single 'Xstasy' Hot in Jamaica

When you say Kurt Legacy a different type of sexy comes to mind when thinking about a Reggae/Dancehall song/artiste. When one think of the lifestyle and culture of Jamaicans, from time to time an artiste best depict varying aspects of such.

Kurt Legacy has relaunched his music career in 2017 after taking a break in 2013, "when I just came out I knew I was not too early but felt like there was something else I needed to do." he said. Now he has resurfaced hotter than before with sizzling single 'Xstasy' and a smooth Reggae ballad called "All My Love," both imprints of what he brings to the Jamaican Music Industry.

In the 90s Dancehall fans enjoyed the sultry sounds of 'Ghost' on the Michael Jackson remake, Do You Remember. They became accustom to the hardcore sounds of Mad Cobra's Billboard hit Flex and, nowadays, intoxicated with the likes of a Dexta Daps/Tifa Jealous Ova!

Kurt Legacy

Kurt Legacy's "Xstasy" not only compliments the trend of music, talent and sounds between then and now but in the era of social media, has once again unearthed the soft, smooth and sultry vibe enjoyed by Dancehall fans. As for his reggae vibe, Kurt's "All My Love" single fits well among reggae selections that include the likes of a Christopher Martin's Is It Love song or a Romain Virgo's brand new track called, Now. "All My Love" by Kurt Legacy enhances the mood of love or love making and set the tone for a wonderful moment.

It is safe to say the music of Jamaica, be it Dancehall or Reggae captures a great deal of worrying social issues, and by no doubt is influential. There are so many

songs by so many popular Jamaican artistes floating around the internet daily that reiterates the cause and effect of some of these problems directly or indirectly. Yet many fail to recognize that for those among the fans whose minds are able to decipher the difference between good and bad, wrong and right, motivational and demoralizing searches for, or is drawn to, the type of music that emanate that kind of energy. While others, in a society where more emphasis is placed on negativity, moral standards no longer uphold, indiscipline thrives and leadership uninspiring, by no doubt searches for, or is drawn to music that emanates that type of energy also simply because it is by which they live.

Kurt Legacy is the subject of love. He comes with an energy that tones things down a notch. After all, no matter how hype one gets, in the midst of the storm is calm. One solution to some of the problems we face is that we all need to take it down a notch! Tone it down! Cool it! Put our best foot forward! Face Everything and Rise EP comes soon. "Xstasy" comes with a brand new video and a promising outlook for New Hites Production main man, Kurt Legacy.

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