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Music Feature: Hood Celebrityy: Keep It real or Proper

Today it’s anyone’s game when it comes to getting the right attention, particularly by way of the internet. It’s no secret that grit and street smarts goes a long way in making your way to the top, but what’s intriguing is that it’s become a popular fascination. Take for example the one and only Hood Celebrityy who’s fifteen second freestyle videos made while at work garnered a great deal of noise, even going viral. Her style savvy and ability to hustle awarded her an ‘it girl’ status among other things long before her instagram account blew up, which now stands at over 151K followers on that platform.

The now social media sensation, and so much more, found her footing in New York as an early teen living in the Bronx focused on her artistry, primarily through music and dancing. The artist’s heritage planted the seed for her love affair with the reggae. Having spent her early days in the wild and green hills of Jamaica, she draws heavily from the genre, integrating the energy and rhythms of it and injects it with fierce lyrics and keeps it real fresh. This creates an alluring fusion, a sort of rapid fire finish to the upbeat tempo sound wise, self-coined as trap reggae. Video’s are her strong suit, and with a little help from a friend, Hood Celebrityy propelled into the limelight in 2015, and now her YouTube channel boasts over 1.5 million views to date. Now that’s proper.

Her edgy take on dancehall is bewitching as heard on the song “The Takeover” also featuring Hennessy Carolina where the mellowness resides below a crude awakening. Talk about attitude for days, she knows how to turn up the heat and isn’t afraid to take center stage, see for yourself on the video, “I'm the Shyt.” It’s evident there’s no taming the entertainer’s inner beast, once unleashed it’s pure and unbridled magic. That’s not to say there’s only hardness, there is a certain sly femininity in there, goddess within just peaking out from behind the rough exterior every so often. Unmatched in personality and potential, Hood Celebrityy is to one to watch, no telling what’s in store for the next round.

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