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Aidonia and Bunji Garlin Confirmed for BRT WEEKEND Atlantic City

The Beach Road Trip (BRT) Weekend 2017 Tour continues July 7 to July 9 on the famous beaches of Atlantic City, New Jersey. The all-inclusive (food and drinks) series of themed parties anticipate to break all sorts of records in BRT Weekend’s history. The international star-studded lined up includes performances by Soca sensation Bunji Garlin, Dancehall artist Aidonia and the best DJs comprised of:

▪Mighty Crown (Japan)

▪Chromatic (Jamaica)

▪Renaissance Disco (Jamaica)

▪Platinum Kids (New York)

▪LAVA (New York)

▪LL Cool Breeze (Florida)

▪Krossfayah (California)

▪Massive B (New York)

▪Banky Hype (New Jersey)

▪White Boy (Canada)

▪DJ Prince Royal (Washington, DC)

And many more…

Weekenders are coming from far and wide for BRT. Many are traveling from overseas—Jamaica, Bahamas, and even England. Whereas, the number of U.S. residents booked for this weekend is countless. To date, BRT Weekend has sold over 3,000 tickets for Atlantic City. Over 90% of the hotels are sold out. “This is the first time we have had so many Weekenders purchase their tickets in advance”, according to Hans Mullings, organizer of BRT Weekend. “We don’t want to throw a number out there… but Atlantic City may give the BRT Florida Keys a run for its money”, jokingly exclaimed Denise Dixon.

Atlantic City has one of America’s most well-known boardwalks and beaches. It has been hosting a Caribbean Carnival since 2011. BRT Weekend will be the next biggest Caribbean attraction for Atlantic City. The entire team including the DJs, production staff, and entertainers are excited about July 7th Weekend. “This is my first time performing in Atlantic City… I CAN’T WAIT!” proclaimed Bunji Garlin

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