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Bugle Turns Personal Tragedy into Beautiful Masterpiece to Help Ailing Friend

Considered one of the most prolific songwriters in the Jamaican music industry, Reggae luminary Bugle has taken personal tragedy and turned it into a masterfully crafted song titled 'Cherish Life'.

The masterpiece which stems from a number of personal experiences including the loss of his brother as well as close friend Kunte and more recently the near tragic encounter of famed sound system selector Nickomatic (Chromatic Sound System) provided the blueprint for the thought provoking composition.

"Loosing a few friends and family suddenly__ including my brother who introduced me to music and in more recent times Kunte, who was like a brother to me was very hard. Nickomatic from Chromatic sound system is a personal friend of mine also and as many are aware he recently faced some difficult times with a medical condition which threatened his life and all those events were the catalyst that inspired me to pen this song." - Bugle explained.

Alluding to the loss of his loves ones Bugle added, "To this day I still have their contacts in my phone, hoping one day to get a call despite the harsh reality" Produced by Nickomatic the single is featured on the Dialysis Rhythm, aptly named because of the jock's medical condition that sees him being supported by a Dialysis machine pending surgery. Bugle also revealed that part proceeds from the project will be used to aid in his medical endeavours.

WATCH NOW : Bugle - Cherish Life (official video)

Though not officially released, the song has been garnering a lot of traction on the FM airwaves and continues to steadily infiltrate the Diaspora.

Based on the current trend Bugle has since enlisted the services of Youth View Awards (YVAs) nominated director Damanic Green of Damaniac Visualz for an official video which was shot and released last weekend. The visual continues to receive high praises from various quarters within the entertainment fraternity and can be viewed via the 'Rasta Party' hit-maker official Vevo account.

Currently on a three month stint across Europe, Japan and the United Kingdom, Bugle is expected to wrap his international sojourn later this month.

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