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Reggae Band EarthKry, Back in Jamaica After Successful Survival!

Summer 2017 has thus far been a whirlwind of positive vibes for reggae band EarthKry. The Edna Manley College alumni quartet have delivered their first album “Survival” which has received tremendous feedback from both fans and the industry alike, and recently concluded a supporting tour.

Produced by the band themselves, EarthKry enlisted the help of some of Jamaica's most talented musician (Hector Lewis, Sheldon Palmer, Everton Pessoa, Hopeton Williamson, Andrea Montalbano, Nnambdi Robinson and Dwayne Livingston) on the 12 tracks musical heirloom recorded on the island's famed Tads Recording Studio, Harry J Recording Studio and Irie Yute Recording Studio. Written between Phillip McFarlane and Aldayne Haughton, "SURVIVAL"'s soundtrack from start to finish can be best described as social commentaries laid on traditional roots rock, reggae and ska influenced. The nostalgia evoked by "Survival System", "Philosophy", "Move On", "Wake Up and Live", Live Good", "Wild Fire", "Liberation Time", "Table Turn", "New Leaf", "Do What You Got To Do", "Praise Jah", and "Keep Dreaming" stem from candid thoughtful lyrics, haunting vocals, smooth riffs, upbeat percussion and unique guitar style.

"The album itself is a fine blend of real authentic roots rock reggae from start to finish-as the saying goes ‘its all killers and no fillers’ and shows a high level of maturity in terms of production and lyrical content. Live instrumentation is in abundance and is a real throwback to the times when bands like the Wailers." - WorldAReggae

"With Survival, they both demonstrate their willingness and ability to deliver professionally, and their uncompromising dedication to Roots Reggae Music." - Reggaeville

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