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The World’s First 3D Audio Recording Earphone

Lifelike will be the next device to change the way of entertainment

Immersive is a key point of video. Every director wants audience to be an insider, so they can tell what video means, but vision is not always helpful to explain all the information. That’s why we always prefer to Dolby Atmos to watch Hollywood great picture, while sound becomes essential part of video, because surrounding sound effect make you be a real insider. But sound is still not that precisely.

Scenes debuts Lifelike 3D headset comes with the breakthrough technology to handle with this problem. A portable, easy-to-use earphone, plug into your iPhone, you can record anything with truly 3D audio, which has accurately direction, distance, and movement information.

That means when you put on any headphones and open the video, and you’ll find yourself fall into someone’s story, like Alice, to see what happen in it in the first-person perspective.

How Lifelike capture sound so accurately?

Scenes Lifelike 3D headset is the world’s first iPhone-based 3D recording earphone, which just use an iPhone you can record 3D audio. Lifelike carries with cutting-edge concept, adopts “Dummy Head Recording” theory, but uses your real head, instead of dummy head to record. Lifelike has two microphones separately in your ears, the “Shark Gill” earbuds will help in airtightness, combines real head which relive the best human acoustic recording environment.

After recording, the Lifelike Digital Box will convert analog signal to digital. Scenes proprietary algorithm will complete the sound-filed mix, EQ compensation, and smart noise reduction. When you playback, it’ll very easy for you to pinpoint direction and distance of sound in the video, even you share it, anyone uses any headphones will have the same feeling.

Unlike those studio equipment, Lifelike is going to change the way people shooting

It’s a big stride in audio capture innovation, but few people know. Premium 3D audio recording equipment, like dummy head, just uses in studio, without an audio team, you cannot record a good demo. That’s why 3D music, or video with 3D audio is rarely seen.

Scenes focused on panoramic sound capture innovation, has launched VR audio recording equipment for professional crew. So, they know where to “catch” the sound. It’s a first time, with Lifelike headset, consumer captures the truly 3D video just uses an iPhone.

With precisely 3D sound, video will be more interesting. Image you’re sit in the Dolby Atmos theatre, the surrounding sound effect is great but not accurately. Audience can feel surrounding experience, but still not an insider. But in real 3D audio, you’ll fall like Alice, encompassed by falling wind noise, a stranger suddenly appears in the right of you, a monster whispers at your left, and you frighten to run immediately.

To reveal the exactly same spatial experience, the main target is how to collect it, including how the sound moves, where it comes from, and how the surrounding environment changes the sound, what will cause reflection, refraction, diffraction and all the variation. Transmission of sound seems very complicated. But human acoustic system naturally to identify it. When you put on headphones listen to that video, you can easily pinpoint the changes.

Lifelike is good at capturing the ambient soundscape under stimulating human acoustic structure. Scenes HRTF (head-related transfer function) optimized algorithm will settle other issue, the signal conversion, render, noise reduction, and so on.

Sound will be indispensable in future entertainment

Before Lifelike, only studio and expensive, heavy, and complicated equipment can record 3D audio. But today, it’s a livestreaming day, you podcast in any social app. But live video is not that live, you only have vision. How about livestreaming the exactly surrounding sound together? Sound provides the background info what makes audience they’re in the scenes. To deliver dynamic detail of soundscape, 3D sound makes video alive.

Not only those famous anchors can submit their lifelike video online, but also normal consumer can take shooting during their trip, and their family time. Lifelike Digital box has MFi certification, so you don’t need to download any app, just plug and play. Only 20g to carry, can be used just like a digital earphone, when you don’t want to record something.

When you go to Hawaii to hold your wedding, your friends using an iPhone take some videos. The sea rush to shore behind you, the crowd screaming, clapping, your spouse whispers to you say the vows. Every time you watch it will feel like you’re there again. You have to admit, sound has its own magic to change the video become vivid.

Think about newspaper in Harry Porter, live photo now becomes iPhone important feature. We cannot deny live photo did make photo alive, although it charges lots of power. In the next, 3D sound froze your video, like live photo froze photo, when anyone put on any headphones to playback, the live present will appear again.

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