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Reggae Acoustic Maven Kyenie Set to Release Debut Album

The soulful - acoustic maven reggae artist Kyenie, is set to release his debut album titled "Change Things" on November 17th 2017. Filled with a diverse collection of songs, Kyenie takes listeners through a musical enlightenment, career growth and some feel good music on his debut album.

Ky-enie (spirit of warriors) aptly named as his music takes you on a journey rooted in Reggae with traces of dancehall, rock, acoustic soul and even hip hop. 'Change Things' transcends cultural and age differences, blending spiritual vibes and hardcore truths that display a depth of consciousness way beyond his years. Throughout the album you could hear his lyrical versatility and passion to change and see his people attaining a better way of life. "My inspiration, he reflects comes from life, everyday happenings and the Most High, he is the one who pens my works" says Kyenie.

With a recent performance in Burbank, California Kyenie was able to perform a few of hist hits like 'Love Means Everything' and his recently released single 'Change Things' off his debut album. With a warm reception from the California audience, Kyenie definitely feels positive about his upcoming project and looks forward to touring and promoting the album.

"The feedback has been great, especially in California performing "Change Things", which is the title track off the soon to be released album was a positive vibe" says Kyenie. The 15-track album definitely showcase Kyenie's growth over his musical career and gives his fans a body of work, which he hold dear to his heart.

Kyenie is currently preparing to go out on his 'Change Things' club tour.

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