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The World Clash Dubplate Awards Celebrate Artists and Key Aspect of Sound System Culture

New York, New York -- December 2017 (Irish and Chin) -- Irish and Chin has been investing in the preservation of sound system culture globally for two decades. The leading company in sound clash entertainment heads toward celebrating 20 years of their popular World Clash brand with the addition of The World Clash Dubplate Awards, the first and only award show acknowledging the vital role of dubplate recordings in sound system culture. Amassing thousands of votes, winners were selected from ten categories.

What is a dubplate? An underground song/recording by artists exclusively for a selector/sound system. These recordings glorify the talents of a selector/sound system and ultimately increase their “stock value” in the market place. Additionally, these recordings are used by selectors and sound systems to compete ("clash") against each other.

What is the goal of the awards? Namely, The World Clash Dubplate Awards, which was founded by Garfield “Chin” Bourne of Irish and Chin, celebrates artists for their yearly dub plate contributions to sound system culture (November – September). Moreover, the prospering awards highlight the historical legacy between artists and sound systems/selectors, uniting the artists who made the recordings and the selectors/sound systems who helped make these recordings popular. The event is the ideal vehicle for music lovers and most importantly, the selectors and sound systems to have a voice in saluting contributing artists. In turn, the artists feel rewarded and a greater demand is placed on their product.

Why are dubplates important and what role have they played? Once upon a time, dubplate culture was the most important aspect of Dancehall. Sound systems invested in dubplate recordings so that they could play unique and obscure selections, which set them apart from their peers/competitors. These selections could only be played during their performances, spawning what many refer to as “exclusives.” Many young artists were introduced to Dancehall by dubplate recordings played by popular sound systems, way before releasing official studio recordings/singles. Producers scouted some of their best artists because of hearing their dubplate recordings, which spawned massive crowd responses.

How were the categories and nominees selected? While Irish and Chin identified the categories, they canvassed Dubplate studios across the globe and dub runners (individuals who coordinate and secure dub plate recordings for sound systems and selectors) for the artist nominations. The lists were cross referenced and the most suggested artists were then included in the award categories.

What was the voting process? Voting for The World Clash Dubplate Awards took place on Additionally, in person voting also took place as ballots were issued and collected from patrons at numerous sound clash events. Launched in 2016, The World Clash Dubplate Awards peaked this year, yielding a record breaking number of votes.

Who were the 2017 World Clash Dubplate Award Winners?

  • Dubplate Artist of the Year – Aidonia

  • International Dubplate Artist of the Year – Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley

  • Most Sought After Dubplate Artist of the Year – Chronixx

  • Male Dubplate Vocalist of the Year – Romain Virgo

  • Female Dubplate Vocalist of the Year – Marcia Griffiths

  • Veteran Dubplate Vocalist of the Year – Luciano

  • Veteran Dubplate Deejay of the Year – Josey Wales

  • Customized Dubplate Artist of the Year – Taranchyla

  • 90’s Dubplate Artist of the Year – Bounty Killer

  • Dubplate Single of the Year – “Banga” – Aidonia

Although the World Clash Dubplate Awards is currently virtual, the promoters would like to transition it to an annual awards ceremony. “The dubplate culture is a vital part of Jamaica's indigenous sound system culture. It's a constant signature, which identifies and separates the boys from the men," says founder Garfield "Chin" Bourne of Irish and Chin. "It's impossible to preserve this highly important sector of our musical heritage without properly acknowledging the role played by dubplate recordings."

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