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New Song Against Crime and Violence; Wilburne ft Sawlty and Ethan- Know Better

Wilburne has done it once again!! The St. Lucian music star has released another hit song “Know Better”. For a number of years, St. Lucia has been plagued with an increase in crime and violence with a record high of 60 homicides last year. As a result, Wilburne decided to team up with two fellow artistes, Alex “Sawlty” Klien and Ethan Fletcher, to address the issue in song. The song was recorded at Ransum Studios (Studio 9) in Anse La Raye, and the music video was constructed by EPS Productions under the direction of Dexter Phillips. ‘Know Better’ was released on Independence Day on radio, television stations, and social media and so far has received raved reviews with people sharing it in hopes that it will spread a message of peace of love. The video can be viewed at:

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