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Leaving Europe with Memorable Memories, GRAMMY Winning Morgan Heritage Kicks Off Avrakedabra Caribbe

New York, NY - Only 3 months into the new year and 2016 GRAMMY award winning and 2018 GRAMMY nominated Morgan Heritage have delivered reggae music vibes to the world starting with 3 continents (Africa, North America and Europe), and now to the delight of their Caribbean fans have announced selected dates for their Avrakedabra Caribbean Tour! Known for their Rolling Stones-reminiscent endurance, longevity and riveting performances, the royal family of reggae recently concluded the Avrakadebra Winter European tour by wowing patrons throughout Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland and Germany. The jubilant crowds sang along as the siblings belted tune after tune effortlessly while encompassing soul and reggae grooves into their flexuous rhythmic patterns and melodic arrangements. Reggae music lovers danced the night away, and chanted to the group's soul-stirring songs such as their classic "Don’t Haffi Dread" to their billboard hits "Wanna Be Loved" and "Pineapple Wine" and "Reggae Night" among other hit songs. Made up of people from different backgrounds, thoughts, beliefs, upbringing and social status, Morgan Heritage kept the crowd mesmerized and united as one through their gift of music. It is those sentiments, those memorable experiences that the GRAMMY winning siblings will bring and deliver to their Caribbean fans. On Friday, March 16th, Morgan Heritage kicks off Avrakedabra Caribbean Tour 2018 in Barbados, taking them thereafter to St.Vincent, Curacao and Grenada. Get your tickets now before events are sold out With more dates to be added, the ladder will lead to the highly anticipated Island Vibes Spring Tour alongside Fiji and Nomad (information coming soon) GRAMMY nominated Avrakedabra album is available in North America and Global

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