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Wilburne Mathurin Debuts "Spiritual Awakening" Album

The youngster who made his debut performance at the 2011 NCF Telethon has now taken his music to another dimension by releasing his first album, “Spiritual Awakening”. Yes, we’re talking about Wilburne Mathurin, “the man with the golden voice”. Over the years, inspiration continued to flow as he kept growing in his craft. Also he saw the necessity to keep releasing songs so that people could see themselves not just as physical, but as spiritual beings, hence the title ‘Spiritual Awakening’. The album consists of 16 songs. To order, please contact Wilburne at .

One of the 16 songs on the album is his recently released single, “Know Better”, featuring Sawlty and Ethan. Though that particular song has a different message, Wilburne felt the urge to add it to his album as Saint Lucia needs an awakening especially as it pertains to the crime situation. Throughout the album, Wilburne also features some other local artistes such as Schreffler “Schreffler” Maxwell, Wesley “J West” Austin, and Barnes “Orion” Nelson. ‘Spiritual Awakening’ is not a regular gospel album one would have heard. This album has a youthful feel with songs in mainly the R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, and EDM genres in addition to some original worship songs all written by Wilburne. Not only is the message of repentance prevalent in his album, but Wilburne’s trademark vocals enhances the album giving it a unique feel.

In 2013, Wilburne released a music video for his song “Your Love” which is remixed on this album. Part of the cast in the music video was the Faux-a-Chaux Dancers, a group of youngsters that come from a less fortunate community. As a means of support, Wilburne is donating part proceeds from his album towards them via the Holy Family Home. Also, the Minor Basilica of the Immaculate Concept has been raising funds for renovation of the over 100 year old church. Wilburne is also donating part of the proceeds from his CD sales towards that venture. Though it’s a small contribution, every dollar counts.

Gospel music is often looked upon as been slow in nature and sounding churchy. Though Wilburne has songs that fit that criterion, he has also redefined the norm with songs in genres that youth can gravitate towards. Therefore, this talented young prodigy proves time and time again that Christian music can still be enjoyable and have the message to awaken your spirituality, your relationship with the Most High!!! Soon to come are some more music videos for songs from ‘Spiritual Awakening’. Be on the lookout for them.

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