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Deep Jahi Promotes“Gifted” Single

Deep Jahi is taking his musical journey a step further with the release of his new single Gifted, lifted from his upcoming EP of the same name. Having released other tracks in the past such as Greatness, Life Goes On, Family Over All and Harsh Reality, this track is meant to show the diversity of Deep Jahi’s sound.

The track is beautifully crafted and boasts a mixture of contemporary flavours, stemming from the different genres that influence the artiste. “My style of music is eccentric and dynamic. My fans can definitely expect the unexpected from me,” he explained.

Produced by YGF Records, single is a reminder that whatever challenges we face, or struggles that may come our way, we have to remain adamant and determined. It is a reflective song that encourages its listeners to create their own reality by pushing past the negative with unrelenting optimism.

As it relates to his creative process, the singer sees music as food for thought that comes from a deeper place. “The track is titled Gifted and the reason for that title is really the true definition of what the word means. I’m gifted hence the title came about,” he elaborated. His distinct depth and soul echoes through his music which makes him a standout individual.

Having worked on numerous successful projects with YGF Records in the past, Deep Jahi anticipates that this song will be no different.

We’ve been working for about 5 years now so the chemistry and the understanding is mutual. People can just look out for a musical take over from Deep Jahi.”

With the positive feedback that he has been garnering from this project, it is safe to say that Deep Jahi is on route to new heights of success. He says this inspirational track is his way of using reggae music as a vehicle of change for conscious upward mobility.

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