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Campari Impresses with Pop-up Mixer on the Avenue

Port of Spain, Trinidad - June, 2018 - Campari, the aperitif brand that captured the hearts and minds of Trinidad Carnival revelers in February, made a grand re-appearance in Trinidad on Friday June 8, 2018 with a stunning pop-up bar and mixer. The event took place at Adam Smith Square, along the heavily traversed Ariapita Avenue, unrivalled for numerous entertainment, nightlife and food options.

Campari’s pop-up mixer officially kicked off Campari Week, a celebration of Campari’s style, flair and the essence of Caribbean living through its ‘Come Together’ tagline. This year, Campari week will be celebrated from June 22nd to 30th and will feature its six leading cocktails as it takes over some of the most popular bars and locations.

The well supported launch event featured paint and sip walk up sessions, a flash bar for consumers to create their own Campari mix as well as two open bars. In usual Campari style, the event brought out the perfect mix of young adults, executives and influencers. In attendance were the deputy Mayor of Port of Spain Hillan Morean, Tribe Carnival band’s Leah-Mari Guevara, Jules Sobion and Hassani Wattley of Caesars Army as well as popular entertainer, Preedy.

The Campari moment stunned onlookers as lit roman candles, carried by the Campari ladies, sent sparkles through the audience during bursts of pyrotechnics. Select spectators were gifted Campari spirits through the three-minute presentation. Consumers were then treated to a vibrant performance by soca 2018 standout Preedy who delivered electrifying hits ‘Say Yeah’ and ‘Wining School’.

“Trinidad is one of the lifestyle Mecca’s of the Caribbean and because of this we knew a Trinidadian audience would be receptive to Campari which is a lifestyle brand. Our ‘come together’ tagline lends itself well to the nightlife and party experience here and we want to not only encourage but also become a solid part of that experience. Campari is extremely versatile, and during Campari week through introducing our cocktails and easy mixes we hope that consumers will continue to take advantage of that versatility”, explained Kamal Powell, Brand Marketing Manager in the Region.

A hit cocktail, Campari’s ‘Red Woman’ was the standout among attendees. The mix that is 1 part Campari, 1 part Sorrel Shandy was the most requested drink of the evening.

“We find that whenever we introduce Campari across the region the locals will add their own spin and that is testament to its amazing mix ability. In Jamaica it’s the Rumpari, 1 part Campari 1 part overproof white rum, in St. Lucia its Campari and Magnum and the list goes on and on,” said Powell.

Consumers in St. Lucia, Trinidad, Barbados, Bahamas and Belize will share unforgettable experiences as Campari dominates popular bars and eateries during Campari week 2018.

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