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St. Lucia’s Damon Walters and Dwayne Mendes are Appleton Estates Best Dad’s

In a world where fathers are rarely celebrated, Appleton Estate, the Caribbean’s finest rum, has embarked on a campaign to recognize dedicated dads, who demonstrate day after day, true parenting, love and responsibility for their children. The best fathers in St Lucia were, gifted Appleton Estate Reserve-Limited Edition with “best dad” labels as part of Father’s Day celebrations. Distributed through Peter & Company Distribution in St Lucia the best dad promotion sought to reward the most caring dads.

Damon Walters and Dwayne Mendes have been selected as this year’s special awardees.

There is a certain amount of emphasis that must be placed on having strong fathers and father figures in the family unit, especially here in the Caribbean. On days like Fathers Day we celebrate the hardworking men who fearlessly head their households. Appleton Estate Reserve- Limited Edition is a smooth, well balanced rum carefully aged in the highest quality oak casks, a true collector’s item for serious rum aficionados and our gift as we raise a glass to dads,” said Kamal Powell, Brand Marketing Manager for the Region

Damon Walters and Dwayne Mendes were identified through their hard work and dedication to their respective families and the commitment they have displayed to the growth and development of their children.

With only 40 cases of Appleton Estate’s Best Dad Limited Editions’ available, the extremely rare token is the ultimate collectors item.

Both men were elated to be selected winners with Walters declaring, “this will be one of the best father’s day, it really is such a surprise”. He describes himself as a man who cares deeply for his children and will stop at nothing to secure their future.

Dwayne Mendes shared similar sentiments “ being the best dad is simply doing all I can do, putting out the best at all times”.

In response to what advice they would offer up to new dads and dads to be both men said “be sure to offer support and take full responsibility for the children, it’s hard but it will be worth it”.

Appleton Estate’s “Best Dad” Fathers Day promotion was also rolled out in Trinidad, Turks & Caicos and Cayman and saw Robert Dumas, Michael Silver, and Brother Will also taking home the limited edition tokens. Appleton Estate Reserve-Limited Edition was crafted in the heart of Jamaica by world renowned master blender Joy Spence and is best enjoyed with a dram of coconut water served as the Appleton Estate Epic or with Ginger-ale garnished with a slice of orange nicknamed Joy’s cocktail. The blend continues to distinguish itself by it’s purity, smoothness and strength.

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