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7 Things Everyone With A Vagina Should Know About Kegels

A woman goes through a lot of hormonal changes during their pregnancy. Such hormonal changes in the body cause itching and vaginal dryness. Vaginal dryness can be extremely uncomfortable. It can cause pain and discomfort during sex. It can even make uncomfortable to stand, sit, urinate, and even work. There are many non-surgical methods that you can get consider to get rid of the vaginal dryness. There are several remedies for tightening the vagina. To eliminate the dryness, you can do a few kegel exercises. Adding a few minutes of them into your daily routine will help you eliminate dryness.Kegels take about 8-10 weeks for showing results. Therefore, along with doing kegels, you can use v-tight gel. It is safe, natural, and a very effective method with immediate effects. Kegels are targeted exercises that you can do to counter the dryness. Kegel exercises, also known as pelvic floor exercises, strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. They are simple clench-and-release exercises that make the muscles of the pelvic floor stronger and support the organs located in the pelvis.

Doing exercise regularly is the best way to maintain good health and doing Kegel Exercises is the most effective and natural way to treat vaginal dryness. Following are 7 things everyone should know about kegels:

1. Kegels increases the blood flow and Improves Lubrication

These exercises increase the blood flow to the vagina, keeps the tissues healthy. Regular kegel exercises improve lubrication and sensitivity.

2. These can be done anywhere and everywhere

You can do kegels any time at any place, without getting noticed. You can do them in a standing position, sitting or even when you’re lying down.

3. You should not do kegels if

If you have a painful intercourse and tightness during sex, then kegels are not the right option for you. In such a case, you can use a V tight gel to eliminate vaginal dryness and keep you lubricated. Using this gel will reverse the loss of elasticity.

4. Improves Sexual Health

Kegels improves women’s sexual health and pleasures. It can help in improving sexual sensation during sex and could improve the orgasms. Do it according to your comfort. It increases sexual arousal and also encourages lubrication. Make your sex life better and don’t let vaginal dryness interfere with your sex life.

5. Take a shower after doing Kegels

It is important that you take a shower and change your clothes shortly after doing exercise. The sweat released during the workout can cause infection and lead to dampness which agitates the vaginal dryness.

6. Prevents Problems such as Leakage of Urine

Pelvic muscles stop the flow while urinating. When pelvic muscles aren’t strong, the leaking of urine or poop may start. Doing kegels can help you manage and prevent the physical problem such as the leakage of urine.

7. Take time to Learn the Right Technique

It is very important that you’re following the right technique. A lot of women struggle to isolate the correct muscles for contraction. Ask your yoga teacher or gynecologist to know about the right technique.


Author Bio:

Amy Villasenor

Amy Villasenor is a freelance writer and a health blogger. She uses her passion for writing to share her experience. Through her years of research, she aspires her readers get the treatment for health issues like intimate care and guides them on how to use v tight gel without any hassle.

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