Miss World 2018: Meet the Caribbean Contestants

The 68th edition of the Miss World pageant, will take place in Sanya, China on 8 December 2018, where Manushi Chhillar of India will crown her successor. 118 contestants from all over the world will compete for the coveted crown, which includes 14 Caribbean beauties.

Meet the Caribbean Contestants


Miss Aruba

Nurianne ARIAS

Age: 24

Occupation: Research Assistant & Lecturer

Nurianne has completed a Master’s Degree in Public Administration specialising in Health Care. She is currently working as a Lecturer at the University of Aruba and is assisting a PhD Candidate. She has future ambitions to complete her own PhD in Social Sciences with a special interest in Health and Invisible Disabilities and Social Sciences. Nurianne has also been hosting several television programmes in Aruba. She also enjoys many forms of dancing, playing the piano and keeping fit.

Personal motto: 'Speak your heart.'

Miss Bahamas

Brinique GIBSON


Occupation: Entrepreneur, Model, Brand Ambassador

Brinique is currently working as a Model, Voice Over Artist and Entrepreneur. She is also a self-proclaimed Inventor. She enjoys cooking, writing, public speaking, graphic design and painting and would like to host her own Cookery programme and become an International Public Speaker. Her favourite film is 'The Notebook.'

Personal Motto: 'What hasn't happened in a million years can happen in a split second.'

Miss Barbados


Age: 19

Occupation: Medical Student

Ashley is currently a medical student and a Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) Envoy. She enjoys organising community-based activities and programmes and started the first Girl's Cricket Club in Barbados, which came about, due to her love of a wide range of sports. Her ideal dream job would be to become the United Nations Secretary General. Ashley also plays the Saxophone and the Steel Pans. Her favourite films are 'The Harry Potter Series' and 'Titanic'.

Personal Motto: 'Let no obstacle be greater than the cause.'

Miss British Virgin Islands


Age: 21

Occupation: Draughtswoman

Having gained a Degree in Architectural Studies, Yadali is currently working as a Draughtswoman for the Public Works Department and has ambitions to be a leading Architect in her Region. She enjoys music, plays the flute and has an interest in art, writing and film making. She was delighted to have taught herself to speak English in three months. Yadali's favourite song is 'Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles.'

Personal Motto: 'Nothing is impossible.'

Miss Cayman Islands


Age: 22

Occupation: Accountant/ Auditor

After graduating in a Master’s Degree in Accounting, Kelsie is working in her chosen field as an Accountant and Auditor and dreams of becoming a Motivational Speaker. Her proudest moment was when she was the first person from her family to graduate from University. Kelsie enjoys boxing, snorkelling and dancing. Her favourite food is Cayman-style whole snapper fish and she has a pet Shiatsu dog called Blu.

Personal Motto: ‘Go in to the world and do well, but more importantly, go into the world and do good.’

Miss Curacao


Age: 18

Occupation: Student

Nazira is currently a student and founder of the E Awards Foundation in Project Management and Programmes of E Awards and has ambitions to study Psychology. She has a talent for painting and poetry, playing the percussion and enjoying traditional dancing. Nazira also plays football, volleyball and takes part in Eskrima, which is a form of Martial Art.

Personal Motto: 'Live my life undefeated by anything because I am my environment.'

Miss Dominican Republic


Age: 24

Occupation: Student

Having completed a Degree in Business Administration, Denise is continuing her studies and dreams of working for the United Nations as a Global Ambassador. Her proudest moment was when she graduated from college, found a job and paid for a trip to Paris for her mother. Denise enjoys reading non-fiction books and listening to Spanish, Indian and Brazilian music. She also has a passion for basketball, golf, baseball, ballet, jazz and belly dancing.

Personal Motto: ‘Live, love, laugh.’

Miss Guadeloupe


Age: 22

Occupation: Food Science Student

Morgane is currently a Food Science Student having completed a Degree in Biology. She would like to become a Dietician and lead projects and awareness campaigns around Nutrition. Her proudest moment was being able to donate blood to the Blood Bank as soon as she turned 18 and has been doing so ever since. Morgane has a passion for music and dancing and enjoys extreme sports.

Personal Motto: 'There is no failure, there are only experiences. Bounce Back!'

Miss Guyana


Age: 19

Occupation: Student & Model