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Dancehall Artiste Mygrain Promotes new track

Dancehall Artiste Mygrain
Dancehall Artiste Mygrain

Dancehall artiste Mygrain is using his platform to speak for those with no voice, through his latest promotional effort, Pressure.

Produced by JIK Music Production and High Pass G Production, Pressure is a track that describes the struggles the artiste has been through, translating into what he sees from his own eyes.

“I wrote this song because I think I have the power as an entertainer to let the “ghetto voice” be heard,” he expressed. The track was released in November 2018 and the accompanying visual is available on his VEVO page, already receiving rave reviews. He hopes that the track resonates well with listeners and is confident that this could be the breakthrough track to set his career forward.

The artiste is also promoting his track Style You Got. The upbeat Dancehall track was produced by Multi-Talented Music and is featured on the Dancehall Forever Riddim.

Having worked with a myriad of producers over the course of his career, Mygrain has released tracks such as Success, The Truth, Ghetto Youths Appeal and Dan Ship. Production credits go to production houses such as Jahwayne Records, Y.G.F Records, Cashflow Productions and Can Easy Productions.

Describing his musical direction as humble, raw and encouraging, the artiste is aimed at connecting with people through his music and own experiences. “My inspiration for music is my surroundings; the people that I have to deal with in this world, the way I grow up, things that surround me that I have no control over,” he said.

As far as plans going forward, Mygrain is focused on getting the promotion going for Pressure and Style You Got.

Right now my goal is to do more promotions so that my music can reach the right people in the industry and of course I’ll continue to record positive and inspirational tracks. I’m ready to really show the world who Mygrain is and what I have to offer,” he said.

Pressure and Style You Got are available for streaming online.

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