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Caribbean YouTube Series You Should Watch

If you're looking for programs or series that reflect your Caribbean roots, look no further, Caribbean YouTube Shows has it all, whether you're searching for documentaries, celebrity interviews, reality TV, shared experiences, or humor. Here are our picks for the best Caribbean YouTube series to watch right now.

"Jamaicans to the World," which recently surpassed a combined 3 million views on YouTube and Facebook.

The docuseries delves into the personal stories of Jamaicans who have decided to live abroad, allowing those who are thinking about doing the same to learn from those who have gone before them. Xavier Murphy, the founder of, interviews Jamaicans from all over the world, from China to Ireland, about their experiences being away from home and adjusting to the new culture. Food, language, culture, sports, music, and adapting to life as an expatriate are all topics covered in these informative interviews. The series and website serve as a virtual home away from home for Jamaicans across the world, as well as non-Jamaicans interested in learning more about their culture.

Yellow Cow TV, based in Trinidad & Tobago, is hilarious and frequently all over the place. With their favorite hard drinks in hand, celebrity hostesses Nadia Batson and Miss Alysha chat Caribbean gossip, humor, concerns, and current subjects with one other and special guests. Learn more about Hey Choppi, Lyrikal, and Nailah Blackman, some of your favorite soca performers. Take a seat and unwind. Nothing will make you laugh more than the opening two minutes of this program.

Ricardo Drue, an Antigua-based musician, delves into his personal experiences in the soca music industry and life in general in this series. Drue chats straight into the camera in the videos, getting genuine about hard times in the music industry, growing up as a self-proclaimed underdog in Antigua, providing guidance, and showing behind-the-scenes footage of record creation and feedback from his friends and family. This video series is for you if you want to learn more about Drue.

Yendi Phillips, a former TV host and Miss Jamaica World/Universe, now hosts Odyssey with Yendi, a YouTube series in which she interviews celebrities, influencers, and leaders in the Caribbean community who she calls "shape shifters, game changers, and folks with something to give."

Tami and Wayne Mitchell, together with their three boys and now a baby girl on the way, provide insight into life as a celebrity Jamaican family living in Kingston in this funny YouTube reality program. The Mitchells share their life with the world, showcasing snippets of Jamaica along the way, between diapers, disputes, cooking, and COVID.

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