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Denyque: Unveiling the Voice of Melody

In the vibrant landscape of Jamaican music, Denyque Welds, known simply as Denyque, has carved out a distinctive niche with her melodious voice and authentic style. From her early days to becoming a seasoned artist, Denyque has remained true to herself, exploring new sounds while staying grounded in what resonates personally.

In a candid Q&A session, Denyque shares insights into her artistic journey, from her aspirations in dancehall, reggae, and R&B to her advocacy for gender equality in the music industry. Her passion for empowering women through music and promoting self-love shines through, reflecting a deep connection with her audience beyond the stage. Join us as we delve into Denyque's world, where music meets meaningful storytelling and personal evolution.

Denyque Welds

A Q&A with Denyque

Your voice is often described as "melodious." How do you cultivate and maintain your unique vocal style?

Thank you! I honestly just stick to what feels good to me. I’ll try new sounds and new styles but I’ll always tailor it to my liking. 


Collaboration can spark new ideas. Who are some artists (any genre) you'd love to collaborate with on a future project?

So many! But my top 5 are : Lil Wayne, Monica, Ludacris, Drake & Kehlani.


Many artists use their platform for social commentary. Are there any social causes you're particularly passionate about expressing through your music?

I’m not sure if it’s a social cause per se, but I’d love to instill more self-love, self-awareness, strength, willpower, and a willingness to grow and evolve in our girls and women, and of course, more unity between us.

What's a misconception that fans might have about you?

Oh lawd! I've heard it so many times – that I seem stuck-up/snobbish. But boyyyy am I far from it! I have friends now who didn't like me when they didn't know me because they based their opinions about me on what other people told them.


What's the most outrageous rumor you've ever heard about yourself?

This one's tricky. There have been so many outlandish and outrageous rumors, but I'd have to say the most outrageous one is about me being a bad mother and having my kids taken away. Because what?!

Looking back at your career, is there a particular performance or accomplishment that stands out as a defining moment?

Absolutely! Performing in Kenya for the first time stands out as a defining moment in my career. Headlining the show with QQ in a jam-packed venue where the patrons loved the performance is an experience I'll never forget. The way they embraced me was everything.


Fast forward ten years. Where do you see yourself in the dancehall/reggae/R&B landscape? What are your musical aspirations?

My musical aspirations are truly to make music that is true to myself and my 100 personalities, receiving recognition for my talent and work ethic, and simply being happy and having the freedom to do what I love.

As a female artist in a predominantly male-dominated genre, what strides do you hope to see in terms of gender equality and representation within the music industry?

Women deserve more support in the music industry. Buy our music more, support our shows more, afford us the same opportunities in terms of equality, speak up for us more, and stop pitting us against each other.


Dancehall and reggae often explore themes of love and relationships. Have you written any songs inspired by your own personal experiences?

Oh lawd! I love me a good love song, mannn! But funny enough, there are very few songs I've written or co-written that I can truly relate to personally. If I had to pick some, I'd say "Make Me Believe You," "Make A Wish," "Bad Like We," and a song coming out later this year called "911."

Denyque Welds or Denyque, the artist - Is there a clear distinction between the two, or do they blend seamlessly?

I want to say they all have their place, but they blend well. I feel like Denyque, the artist, is misunderstood by a lot of people because she’s mostly in the public eye, and that’s partly my fault because I don’t really show a lot of my life on social media. Denyque Welds is very layered, but once you get to know them, they’ll either ruffle your feathers or make you feel at home. 

Creatives are storytellers at heart. What story are you hoping to tell the world through your music?

A story filled with love, light, likkle badness, freedom, overcoming obstacles, achieving success, and happiness through being your authentic self. A story that’s real and relatable but still a little unbelievable. 


What does "success" look like for you as an artist? Is it about critical acclaim, chart-topping hits, or something more personal?

Definitely personal for me. My definition of success is being happy doing what I love, but also being recognized and revered for that. Chart-topping hits? Yes, please! Additionally, success means breaking generational curses, raising incredible and loving kids, and putting God first through it all, as Psalm 91 verse 4 guides me.

Imagine you have the power to time-travel to correct your ”biggest” mistake or regret in life. What would that be?

Woiieeee! You know, I have a love/hate relationship with this question, lol. I wouldn’t want to change anything because even the smallest change could alter the trajectory of my life now, and there's so much more that I’m grateful for than I regret. However, if I could go back, I’d change something that drove my brother and me apart for a few years. We’re great now, thankfully, but I was young and naive. Just trusting the wrong person led to me making a very bad decision, and I hurt someone who didn’t deserve it.


If you could trade voices with any singer for a day, whose voice would you borrow, and what song would you perform to showcase your newfound vocal abilities?

Without hesitation, I would choose Whitney Houston, baby! If you know me, you know Whitney, Celine, Aaliyah, and Selena Quintanilla are my icons to this day. I'd perform "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" to showcase my newfound vocal abilities.


If you were organizing a dream music festival and could only invite three artistes to perform alongside you, who would they be and why?

This is hard! Whew. Okay, I’m inviting four! Let me have it. So it would be 50 Cent, Eminem because, those two really go without saying. Usher, do I really have to explain? Ja Rule, Young Weezy Babyyy, Chris Brown anddddd Rihanna because like Nicki said Caribbean girls run it. Oh and Nelly because that Country Grammar era was everything. So eight, I’m not narrowing it down 


Last question, Denyque. If you could share one message with your fans, what would it be?

I love yall so much. You are appreciated more than you will ever know. Thank you. Only up from here. 


For Fun : "Marry, Shag, Kill"

If you had to choose, who would you marry, who would you shag, and who would you kill. 

Dexta Daps, Masicka or Valiant?

This a wickedness. Okay okay. I’d marry Valiant. He just seems like he’d be a good husband underneath it all. Shag Masicka, and Dexta, you know it’s always love, but I’d kill Dexta Daps because if him can tell me 'fi poison di bwoy', I feel like I just can’t trust him! [laughs].

If you had to choose, who would you marry, who would you shag, and who would you kill. Idris Elba, Michael B. Jordan or Will Smith?

HELLO?! Marry, Michael B. Jordan , Idris can get it for sureee. And bwoy Will, all I can say is hush because mi nuh want Jada tek sent pon me so enjoy the afterlife. [laughs]



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