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Featured Personality: Alison Hinds, The Queen of Soca

Alison Hinds

Alison Hinds, known as the "Queen of Soca," has been making waves in the music industry for over two decades. Born in Barbados, Hinds started singing in church and later formed a band with friends called Square One. It was with Square One that Hinds rose to fame, becoming one of the most successful soca acts in the Caribbean.

Hinds' distinctive voice, energetic stage presence, and catchy lyrics set her apart from other soca artists. Her music blends elements of soca, reggae, and dancehall, creating a unique sound that has earned her a dedicated following around the world. She is also known for her vibrant and colorful stage costumes, which often feature bold prints and intricate beading.

In 1996, Hinds and Square One released their debut album, "Full Bloom," which included hits like "Ragamuffin" and "Faluma." The latter became a massive hit in the Caribbean and beyond, making Hinds a household name. She continued to release successful albums with Square One, including "Inch by Inch" and "Square Roots," and won several awards for her music.

After leaving Square One in 2004, Hinds embarked on a successful solo career. Her debut album, "Soca Queen," was released in 2007 and included hits like "Roll It Gal" and "Thundah." The latter won Hinds the International Soca Monarch title in 2008, cementing her status as one of soca's biggest stars.

Hinds' music has not only earned her critical acclaim but has also been instrumental in promoting Caribbean culture and soca music worldwide. She has performed at major festivals like Coachella, Essence Fest, and Notting Hill Carnival, introducing new audiences to the vibrant and energetic sound of soca.

In addition to her music career, Hinds is also an advocate for various social causes, including HIV/AIDS awareness and youth empowerment. She is a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and has been recognized for her humanitarian work by the Caribbean Community and Common Market.

Today, Alison Hinds remains one of the most influential and beloved soca artists in the world. Her music continues to inspire and uplift audiences, and her legacy as the "Queen of Soca" is secure. With a career spanning over two decades, Hinds shows no signs of slowing down and is sure to keep delivering the infectious beats and positive vibes that have made her a true icon in the music industry.


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