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Kayla Allen Getting Good Response for “More To Her” Album

With the release of her Album “More To Her” officially released and performing exceptionally well, reggae/dancehall artiste Kayla Allen is definitely on her way to becoming a household name in the music industry. Kayla Allen has been getting only positive reviews and is very pleased with the overall reception she has generated with the release of the Album.

 Kayla Allen

The upcoming artiste expressed how happy she is with the overall response that she has been receiving.

“The feedback has been great; I am truly blessed. Everyone has been commending me on this album and has been telling me how much they love it,” said Kayla Allen.

The Album is a 12-track compilation produced by Little Thunder Music working with a few other producers such as K Swizz a familiar name. It was officially released last year in July on all digital streaming platforms and is being distributed by distributing giants, Distrokid.

Currently the singles “Hold Me”, number nine (9) on the album, and “Tonight,” number twelve (12) on the album are performing extremely well. The two songs have been riding the airwaves of most local radio stations and have got crazy love from the overseas market as well.

Kayla Allen has been promoting her latest works on local and international stations and has been getting a lot of airplay.

“The reception for these songs has been amazing, I think these singles are so far the most liked on the table and I have gotten a great reaction from the younger and older crowd! I think this one could be a timeless single,” said Kayla Allen.

The artiste has a few other singles that she is currently working on. Her single "My Happiness" drops on Friday, April 14th, 2023 on all streaming platforms. That single was produced by Blackie Yaad Productions and Little Thunder Music. She has quite a few other reggae songs ready as well.


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