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Neutrogena Vitamin C Serum Erases Stubborn Dark Spots

This $10 Serum, according to reviewers, is the key to "Young and Radiant" skin. It doesn’t clog pore.

If you're concerned about using too much or too little product on your skin, this vitamin C serum is for you. For the price, these single-use, biodegradable capsules have a high quantity of vitamin C — 20%!

Unlike other applications that may cause you to over-apply, it removes the guesswork by providing you with the correct amount to use for the entire face. To use, pinch, twist, and pull the capsule tip to release fresh, concentrated Vitamin C every time.

Rapid Tone Repair 20% Vitamin C Brightening Serum normally sells for $30 — but for the time being, it's down to a glorious $10.


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